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Julia, who has the same degenerative disease but can still see, is tormented by Sara's death and by the feeling of another presence nearby. Julia escapes and manages to contact the police.

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However, an eye donor is found, so the operation to save Julia's sight goes ahead. A grieving Julia learns Isaac's suicide note declared he loved Sara, with whom he had been having an affair for six the flirts passion hq videos. Her husband, Isaac, insists she stop investigating, and as her doctor has informed him that Sara had eye surgery that was not successful.

The 5 friends begin to suspect each other of murder. Loft 5 friends who are all married and know each other very well decide to rent a loft together.

Los ojos de Julia (2010)

Finally visible, he slits his own throat. Juan quickly realizes that he is on his own as the situation becomes more politicized and the government gets involved, afraid of potential ramifications in the Basque community.

Miles away, Sara's twin sister, Julia, collapse, sensing something amiss. She insists Julia was not depressed as she was awaiting surgery to restore her vision.

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Julia, now fully blind, cannot see anything. Using her last few hours of vision, she finally says goodbye to Isaac's corpse, as it is revealed that he donated his eyes to her.

As this diversion unfolds, inmates of the high security cell block strategically break free and hijack the penitentiary. And it becomes clear that they don't know each other as good as they always thought.

In this loft they meet their mistresses. Everything is OK until one morning the body of an unknown young woman is found in the loft. Aware of the violence that is to come, the prison officers flee, leaving Juan stranded and unconscious in the heart of the riot.

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Julia's eyesight continues to deteriorate. He is rushed to the empty but visibly haunted walls of cell She is told she must wear bandages to protect her eyes from light for two weeks, and the morgue agrees to keep Isaac's body so she can see him to say goodbye.

When Julia and the inspector return to Sara's house, the inspector discovers a suicide note and Isaac's body. Julia hides in the bathroom where, four days early, she tears off her bandages, desperate to see.

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After hearing that Sara had a boyfriend and they visited a hotel nearby, Julia goes there with Isaac. When this hits the news, it triggers a stream of prison riots throughout the country as well as demonstrations in the Basque Country.

Isaac disappears and Julia is convinced that the "invisible man" has kidnapped him, though the police are skeptical. Four days before Julia is due to remove her bandages, an unseen man almost succeeds in drugging Julia while she sleeps; however, she wakes, panicked, and accidentally hits the intruder.

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His destiny is forever changed by this fateful decision, as during his tour of the prison, an accident occurs that knocks him unconscious. When Juan awakens, he immediately takes stock of the situation; in order to survive, he must pretend to be a prisoner.

As she tries to remove the noose, the stool beneath her is kicked away, leaving her to die. Celda Juan Oliver wants to make a good impression at his new job as a prison officer and reports to work a day early, leaving his pregnant wife, Elena, at home.

Negotiations go smoothly until the rioters take three ETA the militant Basque separatist organization prisoners hostage.

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She flees to a neighbour, Blasco, who makes advances on her. Juan develops a dialogue with the violent leader of the riot, Badass, and the two begin a partnership, Badass fully believing that Juan is a new inmate. At the hospital, Julia is told the damage to her new eyes is irreversible. Plot[ edit ] Tormented by an unseen presence, a blind woman, Sara, prepares to hang herself in her basement, but changes her mind.

As the drama heightens, unexpected shifts in character both within and without the prison occur.