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Lolek und Bolek

In total, Tola appeared in 30 episodes. In her first appearance in the episode "Tola", Tola is leaving the forest and moved to Bolek and Lolek's house and met them for the first time.

The characters had been changed, and Bolek was transformed into a woman. During the period of the Polish People's RepublicBolek and Lolek were reproduced in a large quantity of toys: She wears a white shirt, a sleeveless blue dress, white socks and black shoes.

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Despite the fact that the lawsuit was prolonged due to the complex German judicial proceedings, it was closed with an agreement. Tola is very girly when she looks like a magical fairytale princess, but she is really an ordinary tomboy, and she had her boyish looking rather than a magic princess.

The first time she appeared in occurred in the episode entitled "Tola". They are also currently made in computer programs, coloring books, general picture books and games.

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Tola has orange hair with pigtails. However, this argument was deemed insignificant by the court, since the subject of the dispute was violation of copyright on the image of Bolek and Lolek and not on the alleged unfair treatment of homosexual minorities.

The lawsuit lasted two years and took place in Berlin. Tola - A cute and lovely little girl who lived deep in the forest. The series was popular in many countries, and was one of the few animated films allowed to be broadcast by Iranian television just after the Iranian Revolution of During one of the interviews, Roman Nehrebecki commented, "The most important thing for me is that children were used for the purposes they should not be used for, for promoting ideas and organizations.

In a similar vein to The Pink Panther theatrical cartoons, most episodes do not have dialogues. In the creators of the film placed on the request from the female viewing audience a girl character by the name of Tola, a little girl who lives in the forest, and meets Bolek and Lolek there.

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The owners took particular offense to the suggestion of Bolek and Lolek's apparent homosexuality in the image. She is Bolek and Lolek's love interest and the supporting character in the series. Of all the Polish animated cartoons Bolek and Lolek ranks as the number one all-time favorite. Some episodes were seen as part of Nickelodeon 's Pinwheel.

Exceptions are feature-length films and the series from the s, where the main characters' voices were done by: