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I like in movies when a sound is heard off-screen only for you to hear it in the room from the direction the movie or game creator wanted you to hear it from. The next morning I got a call from a guy at ZT Systems who also needed the information I tried to get from Logitech and was assured I could play with all the possible connections within the sound card and not have a problem so I got to it and started keeping track of all the failed trys and went on until it worked.

The sound card is Realteck ALC codec. So here it is the solution to my problem as described way back at the begining of this tyraid. Step three shows a cute picture of a room with speaker placement. Surround speakers and Sound Quality.

You see, while the X had a wired remote with all the controls plus adjustable stands that let you hang satellites on a wall, the Z puts the volume control on the right speaker, the bass control on the sub, and has absolutely no place for wall supports.

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Though the logitech surround sound speakers z506 hookup to tv didn't quite shake the room from its perch on our desk, there was definitely a good bit of bass -- we could definitely see the kit pumping jams at a small house party if that's your thing -- but of course, the system truly shines in surround sound movies, concerts and games.

Solitary singers came through high and clear in the front and center channels, their words reverberating off the auditorium walls behind us, while orchestral pieces and applause shared the front but with a welcome rear bias. Performance For all our gripes about the important features Logitech took away, one thing that hasn't changed is the stellar sound.

So much so that recently I switched for a second to some regular speakers while I was doing a test and the sound was so flat that I really had to switch back as soon as possible and it is at these times that you tend to really appreciate the great audio quality and clarity of these speakers.

A great example of this would be like watching a blockbuster movie such as Avengers Age of Ultron theatrhythm curtain call quest dating, Avatar or Fast and the Furious 7 which all have great rich sound to give these speakers a run for you to enjoy some of the great audio feedback I am praising so much.

The main control speaker is on the right and has a power button, a volume knob and a Led light which lights up to indicate the speakers are on.

Here, the two-inch drivers aren't covered by metal grates, but rather gently protected by thin, springy mesh nets, and instead of two per satellite, each has one driver and a small tweeter -- except for the center, which has a pair of eyeballs that joyously remind us of Wall-E.

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I must tell you that the Logitech surround sound speakers z is the best speaker that I have ever bought and based on how long its been serving me with great audio quality I can recommend it with a moments hesitation and I am bottiglie di vetro online dating you will like it as well.

Offers hook up riddim connectivity for lots of devices including Gaming consoles, Tablets, smartphones, PC logitech surround sound speakers z506 hookup to tv much more.

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This also includes the color codes to conect the speakers from the sub box which acts as the controll center for the system. I personally would never use another brand speaker unless its Logitech or another in this series as the audio quality is that good.

We're also a big fan of the volume dial, if you can believe that, as it's smooth as can be -- just light enough to turn with a single finger, but still enough resistance that we could adjust the volume in fine increments.

Specifications and Features The Logitech Z features a: The Design The first thing that attracted me to this set of speakers was the design, the black plastic along with the unique shape of each speaker is something to be admired and placed at center stage around your desk or TV stand.

While the Z satellites didn't quite match up with our aging Boston Acoustics BA when we set them side-by-side -- the latter producing slightly clearer and richer sound -- we didn't really expect them to, and they came close enough for the price that we were honestly quite pleasantly surprised.

This means you'll need to have the front speakers and subwoofer on your desk and within arm's reach if you want any control, and somehow also find flat surfaces immediately behind your desk as well -- or else move furniture around.

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It will last for years 2. When it comes to analog surround sound, anyone can hook up two or three sets of quality two-channel speakers to get a similar effect, so the onus is on Logitech to make combo 5. Continue Reading we have even more Tips for you: Next t0 the main control speaker is another tower speaker that has no controls and there are two rear speakers along with a Subwoofer that fires downward that acts as a central hub for all the other speakers to connect.

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I gave him my phone to have somone call me back. The next box without a number in the setup sequence repeats the color coding of wiring and documents what is in the box. You will also see what I mean the minute get yours in your hand should you decide to purchase the Logitech surround sound speakers Z Ported down-firing subwoofer pumps out deep, clean, booming bass Rich 3D stereo in 5.

I have actually own my current pair for more than three 3 years and to say I am impressed with these speakers would be a understatement at the least.

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It got real long. In fact in movies and Games that support 5. Why you should Get this? We don't really expect digital surround in this price range though it'd be nice if Logitech didn't even suggest the system could do 5. So at this point I realise my colors are not the same as the wires supplied.

Tossing flaming barrels with our Half-Life 2 gravity gun, than quickly turning away, we could easily tell by audio alone in which direction they'd exploded, and the worlds of Mass Effect 2 took on an incredible sense of immediacy with futuristic advertisements and alien conversations bombarding our ears from all directions at once.

Four days later VIA Email. So if you have problems read the last lines, it might help.

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The system sounds good. Yes, it's a pretty handsome looking package, all in all Towards the side is a hole that allows the expulsion of air as the bass fires down to the floor and should you touch the subwoofer while audio is being played you can feel the raw power as air exits the sides and the subwoofer produces high pitch bass.

But its enough to create a very rich and entertaining sound quality that you would love from a high quality speaker set. Where both previous packages were fairly symmetrical, boxy in the case of the X and had stands that jutted out, each of the Z's satellites have a space-age elliptical design with gentle oblong curves.

Have a good day.

Logitech Z506 review

There is literally no need to turn it all the way up, in fact I advise that you adjust it according to your listening needs. After this moron tells me my stuff is outdated so it might not work as 5. If you are seeking a nice pair of speakers that will give you great surround sound that will knock your socks off so to speak and that is very loud then look no further than the Logitech surround sound speakers Z The guy says if he had the information I tried to get from Logitech he could help but deferred to the guys at the factory tech line in the US actually Canada as it turns out 8A - 5P Eastern so I give him my number and go to bed MAD.

Thankfully the guy speaks discernable english, though he could not answer my question. On-speaker bass control lets you easily dial the bass level up or down.

I have mine attach to my Television and the center speaker is placed on top of the TV which is made possible with its base which is like a clip that holds on to the TV or you could flatten it out and use it and stand to have the speaker stand flat on its base.

So I call ZT systems 24 hour unlimited lifetime tech support line. Not great and you will not be rattling any windows as they say you will in the product description unless you put the sub on a broken pile of glass.

Hope this helps if you decide to buy them. I dont know enough to be sure if I just start hooking up wires and trying different combinations until it works that I wont fry somthing with reversed power and I am not willing to try it until I get the Ok from the CPU techs.

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One single connectivity advantage over the X comes in the shape of two new RCA jacks to connect an auxiliary audio source like a game console, but even this upside has a down -- anything you plug in is automatically virtualized across all five speakers, whereas the X let you control "Matrix Mode" with a button on the remote.

Setting up the Z actually takes less time than getting it out of the box, because every cable and port is color-coded -- just plug in four speakers and your audio sources into the back of the subwoofer, and you're done -- but that's assuming you don't have to rearrange your entire room to set it all up.

You could also connect your PlayStation 4 or other consoles if you own one which should work just fine with this speaker.