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You can also hold down on the D-Pad to reset to the last ring you went through.

Just Cause 3: How to Find the Last Base of Every Region Location Guide

Bringing a chopper can make your life easier, although I think you can just drive this one to a garage if needed. Lacos at N40 Maestrale at N40 There's a SAM on the roof of the second floor.

There is a large mountain in the center of this province, it is just slightly smaller than the volcano. Once you reach the mission 'Friends Like These' you will be able to use fast travel to get to shrines, settlements and challenges on the map. Collecting all the Rebel Shrines allows you to fast travel for free from a region, but this is basically the same benefit as clearing a province.

By far the worst one to find is the Squalo X7. Its towns are rather high class compared to the majority of the towns in Medici. The Rebel Shrines can be found at the following locations. Races As I mentioned in the Wingsuit Courses section, the game is pretty forgiving about rings.

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If you hang from stuff, you can sucker enemies into shooting it for you — just be sure to get clear before it blows up: The one that was the hardest for me was Mountain Marathon Tour. There is also a street bustling with shops and people.

By finding all 71 tapes, you will be given an access to a unique helicopter, Golden Urga Mstitel, aparatka perce z wegetarianizmem online dating same that General Di Ravello used during the final mission of the campaign.

The Daredevil Jumps are spread across all three islands, and completing them unlocks some serious bonuses.

General Tips

The last island in the game hides a whopping 39 records of the tyrant, and their distribution between different provinces is as follows: Sirocco Nord at N40 You have infinite time to get set up before the frenzy starts, so you can use this time to set tethers on key portions of the base in order to get ahead of the destruction.

They look like a stick figure guy doing a wheelie.

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Petra at N40 Capture Cava Grenade in Prsopere at coordinates N40 When doing boat races, really the choice is between the Pescapada and the Squalo. Perfect rings are worth absurdly more than any other ring clear, so missing very many perfects is going to keep you from 5 gears.

Nacre has a large town hall with some sort of flower garden opposite it.

Just Cause 3 - ALL LIBECCIO Settlements Locations

You want to get it to 8 ASAP, and keep it there for the entire challenge if possible. Find 14 parts in Insula Dracon. Feno at N40 It borders with Regno to its right side and the south coast of Libeccio offers a view of the bridges which connect Insula Striate and Insula Dracon together.

There is another lake more north of the province near the Insula Striate wall.

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You can do this jump and then jump four in succession if you keep the speed up. You want to hit the red ring every time, if you can.


Rocca Blau at N40 Aspera at N40 They can be cool, I guess. Edit This is a small military outpost on the coast of Libeccio.

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You can also do this by air, but only with the heavier choppers like the Hrom D or the Mstitel. Sirocco Nord Province, Coordinates: Since the throttle and the boost are on the same button for jets, I suggest just holding the throttle down.

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You can also tether explode-y stuff to harder targets. Using fast travel requires 1 flare each time.

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Check out my highlight reel on YouTube! Noir mode changes the graphics filter to black and white.

Just Cause 3

North of the lake is a ruin where three tourists spawn, taking a photo in front of the colosseum. Bombers would probably work alright for this, although SAM sites make doing this a bit trickier from the air. For helicopter races, oddly enough I had the best luck with the Hrom D chopper.

Lots of speed will help you clear the trees. The base is spread out enough that you can avoid getting heat for most of the run, which makes keeping the tank in good shape easier.

Litore Torto at N40 Capite West at N40 If you do this fast enough after realizing you made a mistake, you can maintain 5 gears even when screwing up pretty badly. Concrete tower with the same design and computers as the air traffic control towers at airports.

Plagia at N40 Val de Mar at N40 Get inside and climb up a metal walkway, where you will be able to pick up the recording. General Tips The main plot line is pretty short, and in most open world games I tend to ignore it in favor of screwing around for as long as possible.

The landing is the easy part. Moving up the province, there is a lake which has Burgolettoa thin, but high class town, to the east. Prospere at N40 I actually had good luck punching the supports on things like Sphere Tanks.