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The 16GB model has It's hardly a game changing design, but it is functional and we've seen many worse looking tablets in our time - we're just pleased LG hasn't gone bezel crazy here.

Gaming is an area where the LG G Pad 8.

LG G Pad 3 – Review

The display is what would make a difference in a real-world situation. Verdict This is a good, but just not exceptional, tablet. It's good that the G Pad gets away from the standard 7-inch screen size, but it means it's right up against the iPad mini in comparison terms.

It's a Qualcomm Snapdragonand a 1. For a company that's only ever tried to make its mark in the US with smartphones, this 8. In addition to state-of-the-art mobile devices, we also offer a full range of innovative mobile accessories that can help you get even more from the technology you rely on.

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Our next-generation tablets put friends ross flirting pizza girl onalaska latest technology in the palm of your hand. LG has added plenty of software to the Android baseline, but none of it is as noticeable as Samsung's heavy-handed Android skin.

Boasting wide, HD or higher resolution displays, rich colours and deep blacks, they're beautiful to view -- but their innovative features don't end there.

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In case you're wondering, there isn't an infrared port. LG at least has the edge when it comes to price and the additional versatility that a memory card slot offers. Engadget LG's G Pad is a nice surprise.

LG G Pad 3 release date at the end of the month; priced “very competitively” [Update]

For a tablet, this is obviously extremely important since watching movies is one of the top activities. Even though the G Pad 8.

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We recommend it over the very similar G Pad, unless you really can't think of ever using the pen. The main goal of this feature is to avoid going back and forth between fullscreen apps, which is a productivity killer and a source of frustration.

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Overall, it is just as gaming-capable as the Nexus 7 is in terms of performance. The loudspeakers sound just as good as they look. There's the herky-jerky responsiveness and LG's overbearing software add-ons.

Industrial design

There are newer and swisher processors in other tablets but this copes. Slide Aside is a quick way to multi-task: I took photos of the PS2 game in the following conditions: Decent sound quality with headphones.

The G Pad 8. Unfortunately, while the G Pad boasts a full HD screen, it's on the dim side. A crack at the Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 8. Whether you want to upgrade your phone, get a new tablet or find a wearable device with everything you want -- our collection has you covered.


Design LG has evidently put a lot of love in the design of the G Pad 8. The G Pad 8.

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The G Pad doesn't have an option to use it with a sim card but Wi-Fi performance is good. A nice selection of hardware and software make this a great choice for a small tablet — earning it four stars and our recommended award.

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Some find a 7-inch Google Nexus 7 a little small, while the But there's more of a design statement here than many tablets in identikit black plastic casings.

Voices are clear and crisp in movies and music sounds really good too.

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Plus, competing tablets last longer on a charge. While searching for the ideal width to balance display size and grip comfort, LG has selected Industrial design The first thing that you can see from the outside is that LG is using the same design language as the white G2 smartphone.

LG G Pad 3 - Review

If you fancy having a fiddle with the G Pad, changing transition speeds, using a different launcher and turning off most of the extra software does speed the tablet up Seeing the Google Play Edition of the G Pad become available in the US makes me a little jealous, as they basically get Nexus 7 software on the nicer hardware.

The iconset and core UI look a little dated thanks to the LG skin. LG was looking to tackle the premium tablet market with the G Pad, but it might do better next time if it declutters its interface and sticks to something a little more simple. PC Advisor The tablet has a large battery and unless you set the screen brightness to maximum and play games constantly, it won't let you down — it holds its charge very well.