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Try to become the lead singer in a band.

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Yellow goo dripped from his nose and ears and his skin was shiny with it. So what could I singles dating questionnaire relationship Ray came in closer.

Olivia says she and Wen are "dating-ish", and he agrees calls her "his girl" and they hold hands. Mohini "Mo" Banerjee[ edit ] Mo is a gentle-natured, intelligent girl who plays stand-up bass for the band. I hear she didn't even put up a fight about it.

Besides the social themes, there are plenty that relate to family life, and the movie's message about honest communication between parents and kids is impossible to miss.

She is from Calcuttaand is the only Indian girl at her school.

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Stella Yamada Hayley Kiyoko 5. Patty and Patty's jaws dropped. The teens' refusal to back down to an establishment that discourages students' talents and interests should be inspirational to viewers of any age. What talents or skills get more recognition?

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And that's when it happened. She finds herself socially inept and under the thumb of her strict father. Sorry I could only name the most important characters but I don't know them all.

That's how they got their name! Although considered shy, Olivia is sympathetic, considerate, and caring. We can talk this through.

Stella then spits Lemonade in their face.

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You can't reason with people like these. He plays the character Wendell "Wen" Gifford. What would you not do for them? He later becomes attracted to Olivia. He stops at this, and looks immediately sorry for yelling at her.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? He laughed right in my face. Friendship, empowerment, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the courage to stand up for what you believe in are just a few of the gems to be found here, and each is illustrated in a manner that will ring true with your kids.

Like Wen with Olivia, Charlie is able to calm Mo down whenever she is worried. It's not our fault that your girlfriend here doesn't want to hang out with us. Charlie struggles with the fact that he is alive instead of his stillborn twin brother Aaron.

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Wendel "Wen" Gifford[ edit ] Wen plays the trumpet for the band. That's when the bell rang. For shoes, wear some cute flats. Get a really old cat, or a pet kitten. Everything ended quickly after that. When Olivia denies the invitation to join Lemonade MouthWen follows.

I thought it was a show too but it turns out it is actually a movie.

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Wen Gifford Adam Hicks These are the characters in the Lemonade Mouth movie who meet in detention but soon they start a band.

I'm no runt or anything, but Ray was probably the biggest kid at school. Are their actions harmful to anyone? Where's the line between a "good" rebellion and a "bad" one? Charlie Hirsh[ edit ] Charlie, who has a sweet and shy nature, plays the drums, congasbongos and timbales for the band.

That's what you're going for isn't it?

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Patty Norris poked the cartoon decal on Olivia's backpack. In no time, the unlikely friends garner a loyal following and challenge the school's popular rock band, Mudslide Crush, for top honors, and their own bonds of friendship give them the strength to speak up about tough issues at home as well.

But I'm sure you remember what happened next, Mr. What is the cast of lemonade mouth?

Olivia and Wen: First Kiss

Lemonade Mouth is a two-hour long movie. Mo was already a couple steps ahead of me. Wenvia is the romantic pairing of the two characters Wen Gifford and Olivia White.

She flashed Ray a grin.