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They are not using them in a way that you would want and do create a distraction in class. These are the points that the youth must battle — so they raise their standards, like Captain Moroni did.

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Maybe an activity night might be a good way to teach them about what is available from the church. Hence, the next question: All the Church magazines are available online for free now days.

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Those same youth also felt that expecting a guy to get the door, or pay, during their date was some kind of sign of weakness in the young woman. The first Sunday he was in my is chris brown dating ciara, I thought he must have hated my lesson.

Driving and dating have a lot in common. We just treat each other well. These standards include not dating before age 16, avoiding frequent dates with the same person, and dating only those who have high moral standards.

Why is it important to follow the Church’s standards regarding dating?

It would be interesting to have a conversation with the youth about how this attitude would impact their dating experiences. Add to the list as they learn more about these standards throughout the lesson. Standards Night - Help the youth learn more about applying Gospel principles with these activities and presentations.

Are you with me? If a youth chooses not to raise that standard, they run the risk of defeat. They like them to be safe, casual yet planned, and not expensive — and many of the boys were often surprised by this.

Also, if you used your electronics computer, ipad, phones, etc.

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They are a part of our existence. The second [blank] chart is for the Laurels to fill in as the discussion ensues. Invite the young women to consider how they will live by what they have learned today. I have a daughter that will one day be 16, and you can count on the fact that I will be watching to see if that young man will treat her as we expect.

Participants under 16 years of age were asked to have their parent or adult guardian to read through the questions first. I prefer to help them learn how to use them for good.

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Share with the young women what they will be studying next week. Maturity may vary from individual to individual, but we are convinced that dating should not even begin until you are So, when all else fails, respect their agency and do your best to create an environment where the Spirit can be present.

We have five daughters, and in discussion with them about their experience in two different wards in two countries, we found that while they cherished their experience in many ways, they did not feel they had a voice to express concern about some teachings and practices that made them feel uncomfortable.

If your not sure, call on them. Introduce the doctrine See other learning and teaching ideas. He knows how to reach every last one of us, even when we are on our smart phones.

Your job is to stand back and let each other grow and become the kind of people you want to marry.

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LDS Girls Camp - Find games, activities, crafts, hikes, skits, morale boosters, songs, and ideas for themes. So, here are some of my favorite tips to help keep smart phones from being a complete distraction during a lesson.

Everyone is texting you today. You could also do the reverse of this and have them text questions they have about the topic of the lesson to you or text your question to them. Have them text answers to questions to you This works well when everyone in your class has a phone.


They thought the girls wanted grand productions all of the time, when actually the opposite was so. They are entered here as pictures, so just click on them to enlarge, right-click to save, and print as a photo.

He does the real teaching. Ask the young women to share how the principles in the thirteenth article of faith should influence their interactions with young men.

I hope you will visit LDS.

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How should you act while on a date? Check out the article, Teaching with Tech.

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It is slowly getting better. Invite them to look for answers to their questions throughout the lesson. Ask the young women what questions they have about dating and write them on the board.

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It is good for you to go to games and dances and picnics, to do all of the young things. Turns out he was texting his mom to encourage her to come to church.

He was grateful that they treated his wife with respect, that the boys took her on dates and showed her what a gentlemen was, that they respected her worth and her virtue — so that when it was time for them to meet and marry, she was ready, prepared, and looking for that.

So many young women today are choosing not to bear children, thinking that they will be more fulfilled if they are not tied down. Did you know that you can use the images found on LDS. What kind of dating activities should be planned?

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