NHS approves laser treatment for men with enlarged prostates | Daily Mail Online NHS approves laser treatment for men with enlarged prostates | Daily Mail Online

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If you are a smoker then stopping smoking may significantly improve your symptoms, as nicotine irritates the bladder.

If frequency is a problem - try retraining the bladder by holding on for as long as you can each time before passing urine. These drugs are not for men with significant urine retention and frequent urinary tract infections.

Green light which vaporises the prostate tissue to create a cavity. The most common side-effects are slight drowsiness, headaches and dizziness.

What are the known complications of the surgery? Diuretics Diuretics speed up urine production. It's suitable for men who have an enlarged prostate over a certain size. The heat destroys the problematic tissue. Indian Cancer Society has been doing excellent work in fighting cancer across India.

This is simply the application of newer technologies to achieve the same goal as either TURP or open prostatectomy.

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Do they seriously affect your quality of life? Complications that sometimes occur include: There is less risk of retrograde ejaculation with this operation. Stents are expensive, and there can be difficulty in removing them. This may give quicker and better relief of symptoms than either alone.

Patients with stress or urge incontinence usually have a normal or increased urinary flow rate, unless there is an obstruction in the urinary tract. Checking your medicines Check with your doctor whether any medicines you take, such as antidepressants or decongestants, may be making your urinary symptoms worse.

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The laser melts excess prostate tissue in photoselective vaporization of the prostate PVP. When a transurethral procedure cannot be used, open surgery which requires an incision in the abdomen may be used.

It has various specialties with excellent services for the best prostate cancer treatment in India.

Unlike prostatectomy for prostate cancer when the entire prostate gland is removed, in open simple prostatectomy the surgeon removes only the portion of the prostate blocking urine flow. The society is entirely dependent on public support for its various activities concerned with financing the treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients and for spreading cancer awareness and its early detection.

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NHS approves laser treatment for men with enlarged prostates

According to many, this is one of the best prostate cancer hospitals in Mumbai. This is a condition called acute urinary retention AURand it requires immediate medical attention in order to relieve the severe discomfort. These drugs can reduce risk of acute retention inability to urinate -- and also reduce the need for prostate surgery.

For those who wish to wait before choosing drug therapy or surgery, trying these recommendations may be beneficial: However, do not reduce the total amount of fluid to less than 1. Because the prostate wraps around part of the urethra, where urine passes through, an enlarged prostate may cause issues with urination.

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In general this procedure causes less blood loss, and side effects can include retrograde ejaculation. Enquire Now Fortis Hospital, Mulund It is a JCI accredited, with over bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital providing a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services.

Open prostatectomy During an open prostatectomy, the prostate gland is removed through a cut in your body. Occasionally, men with enlarged prostate may suddenly have difficulty urinating, or they cannot urinate at all. It provides you a reasonable price for the prostate cancer treatment cost in India.

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A cooling system protects the wall of the urethra during the procedure. This then relaxes the opening to the bladder, resulting in there being an improved flow of urine out of the bladder. You may pass urine more often than normal. After collecting data from the participants after surgery, researchers found that the quality of life had significantly improved because of the TURP method and impact on quality of life was not related to age.

Here are some of the most common embarrassing problems some people have to overcome all the time.

During his career, Dr. This can lead to obstructive symptoms such as: With dutasteride, these side-effects may continue even after treatment is stopped. Consult with your doctor about your need for hospital stay after the surgery.