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Members of Cleo's tribe are said to be fond of bananas as rotten bananas can often be found in ruins and important sites dating from Cleo's time. He has inherited his grandfather's daring spirit, plunging into any situation with boundless confidence that he can handle whatever it can throw at him.

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He is also the legal guardian of the orphaned kit, Jake, and spends his free time trying to learn more about Jake's origins in the hope of locating Jake's real parents or relatives.

Her reasons for attacking and eating other animals appear to be due to her choosing to follow her natural instincts as a predator and holds disdain towards the "tame towners" to flirtuniversity bewertung point that she sees them as weak due to them choosing to live in civilization.

A dastardly monkey pirate who works under Snaggle-Eye. He has a rivalry with Badou, like his grandfather had with Babar. Badou, Babar, Munroe, and Ayla save them using an old trick of the green elephant tribe where they trap the two snakes in a hollow log.

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He is a good friend of Badou and the gang, and will often alert them if he sees Sleek nearby. He calls Badou "boyoo". She is the Celesteville doctor whose hobby is creating metal sculptures.

However, in one episode, the kids save her from Prospero who was trying to capture her for profit. In "Ayla", two tiger snakes attack King Grank and another green elephant. She is an accomplished dancer due to her natural acrobatic skills and sense of balance.

Babar und die Abenteuer von Badou

As a result, he is more willing to go along with his Uncle Crocodylus' schemes. Many artifacts from the time in which she ruled can be found in Wind Song Canyon.

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Badou's little cousin, who is as excitable and fun-loving as he is. A rogue lion in the savanna and rival of Dandy Andi.

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She lives in the Hidden Valley with her father, her brother, and the rest of her tribe. He dreams to one day become a member of the Royal Guard as he is currently too young to actually join and in "Point Guard" Munroe becomes a member of the Junior Royal Cadets, a new training program created by King Babar as a youth training camp to prepare kids like Munroe who aspire to become the next generation of the Royal Guard.

Chiku means canary in Swahili. Shown as bitter, although very protective over Rhudi. A fast-talking chatterbox who can ask a dozen questions at once, she is convinced that there is something wonderful under every rock, at the end of every wire, and at the heart of every lesson.

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A courageous crested porcupine who has been eaten many times, but, due to his spiky body, has always been spit out again. Occasionally Badou and the kids end up teaching her new things such as tennis and baking.

Outspoken and sometimes bossy, Zawadi hates blending in with the herd and is determined to make her own stripe on the world. She is protected by a group of elite bodyguards known as the Brawlers.

He is also the city's architect and health and safety officer.

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He is much kinder and friendly than they are, and the other children eventually forged a friendship with him especially Prince Badou. He is also a descendant of Queen Cleo.

In "Flower Power", it is revealed that she lives in some old ruins in the deep jungle where the Stone Sunflower grows. Voiced by Catherine Disher Crocodylus: A wise old turtlewho lives just outside Celesteville.

She is the namesake of Celesteville and grandmother of Badou. He, along with his cousin, causes trouble and tries to interfere with Badou and his friends' adventures. They appear to be mostly Elephants, though it is implied that non-elephants like Munroe can join once they are old enough.

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A young crocodile, Dilash is the nephew of Crocodylus. A large snake who lives in the jungle. She first appeared in "Savannah Scramble", chasing after Badou and Jake who were on their way to help their friend Dandy Andi whose paw was stuck under a rock.

A vicious elephant pirate whose dastardly crew were once outfoxed and outfought by Babar. She uses her blimp airship as a mobile laboratory called the Blimp-Lab.

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Jabbsi is very perceptive as he easily identified Prince Badou and Munroe from having heard stories of their exploits. Both he and his uncle have no problem taking advantage of Tersh's gullibility.

Andi calls the animals that live in Celesteville "tame towners". As a result, she views Prospero as an enemy and is willing to work with the likes of Dandy Andi and Badou in order to remove his secret camp from her jungle.

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Jake was orphaned as a wild kit and found his way to Celesteville, where he befriended Badou. He is called "Pappy" by his grandson. She is called "Nana" by her grandson. A consummate schemer, his underhanded strategies range from trying to take over Celesteville to winning contests.

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Three lionesses who live in the savanna. It is revealed that some aspects of her tribe's culture are shared by both Babar's family and the Green Elephant tribe such as Babar's Hiking Song, which is known among the Green Elephant tribe as an old song from Cleo's time, which Babar's family adopted at some point while being unaware of its connection to Queen Cleo.

He later explains that in Queen Cleo's time the Valley was a place to hide during troubling times, though eventually some members of Cleo's tribe settled in the Valley to raise their families. A giraffe scientist who is incredibly smart but due to her size, also happens to be very clumsy as she is always banging her head on almost anything.

Visually, Lulu resembles Isabelle, Babar's youngest child, when she was a little girl, thus suggesting that she is her daughter.

Munroe considers himself Badou's personal champion: He becomes Munroe's Quill-Fu teacher.

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Despite the antagonism towards Andi and the "tame towners", at the end of "Kitty Cornered" she joins them in the savannah Poppernut party after the defeat of Prospero, showing that she is not all bad. She resides in the jungle outside Celesteville and is one of the antagonists of the series.

Voiced by Samantha Reynolds Periwinkle: Hannah, Ramsey and Skylar: A one rhinoceros stampede who's prince of Rhinoland and Lord Rataxes' grandson.

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When the truth is revealed, Tersh apologizes for taking it without asking, though ironically Zawadi herself had borrowed the book without asking her parents, causing both her and Tersh to learn a valuable lesson about taking things without permission.

Since her three known descendants are Green Elephants, it can assumed that Queen Cleo herself was green as well.

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When things go wrong, he groans "Muck and mire!