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Then, every three months, learners take the Pearson Proficiency Assessment PPA to measure how much they have improved. Longman Communication Research shows you need to know roughly word families to understand a wide variety of authentic texts.

Longman Dictionaries online offers a wealth of other resources for teachers and students menghitung usia kehamilan online dating the Teacher's Corner, the Study Center and personalized practice with the unique Longman Vocabulary Trainer.

This ensures that learners receive high-quality, personalized instruction every time they log into their courses.

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Lessons with Activities Each unit consists of 18 lessons, which are based on a specific piece of content an article from the Associated Press, a video interview with a Fortune CEO, an image of a bank with keywords to accomplish a real-world task, etc.

As they complete lessons, learners build a word bank that is available for them to practice whenever they need it, as well as an in-depth grammar guide with real-world examples.

For example you can find all the words from the Academic Word List, or even just the verbs from that list.

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You can also search for all the key words, all the content words, which you can also find by content area, and you can look up all the words that have Word Origin information or Word Families. Example sentences Corpus-based examples show authentic and natural English.

Longman Corpus We guide you to the right meaning - fast!.

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Our patent-pending technology leverages our massive content library to design a course that is tailored specifically for each learner — no two courses are exactly alike.

Discover how our groundbreaking technology adapts to your students' and employees' unique learning needs in real time. Ideal for every learner There is no typical language learner. It shows you which words are the most important to learn for effective communication.

Our group reporting dashboards provide both summary and granular data, giving teachers, administrators, and managers the insight they need to understand their learners' performance and engagement with their course.

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Longman Dictionaries online offers a wealth of resources for teachers in the Teacher's Corner with free worksheets with Lessons and Activities to teach dictionary skills effectively in the classroom.

Synonyms are explained in a clear and accessible way with student-friendly example sentences to help learners avoid always using the same basic words such as good, bad, happy, nice, etc.

Learners can take one-on-one tutoring sessions or dynamic group classes with certified teachers who know how to teach English at a distance. Packed with authentic content We deliver real English content that is updated daily and relevant to our learners' needs.

An unprecedented digital learning experience.

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Helps you find words with multiple meanings. It includes words from the Academic Wordlist; content words, including vocabulary for Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts; and Word Family boxes that help students learn words from the same family — such as achieve, achievable, achievement.

Learners can specify the lessons they want, like solving grammar problems in their speech or writing, preparing for interviews, or using English in the workplace. It also gives students personalized practice with the unique Longman Vocabulary Trainer. Helps you find the exact meaning for the context you want.

Free Trial Pearson Online English We deliver authentic content that actual native speakers consume in real-life activities, giving you the opportunity to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, and offering feedback from native-speaking tutors on your emerging language abilities.

Packed with authentic content

Trained English Teachers We offer live one-on-one sessions and daily group classes with certified tutors via video conferencing service. Previous Next Personalized instruction Based on learners' daily performance, language-learning needs, and proficiency levels, we can adapt each lesson in terms of content, difficulty, and complexity.

Thesaurus Synonyms have definitions and example sentences, helping learners expand their vocabulary. Our students and teachers meet virtually for personalized sessions so learners can get just-in-time feedback where and when they need it the most.

Meanings are summarised with words or short phrases.

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Each lesson consists of three interactive activities designed to reinforce what has been learned and highlight areas that need improvement. Teachers get granular data on student performance so that they can use this information when planning their own classes.

Based on the latest research Longman have now created a list of the most frequent words in English — the Longman Communication Learners are then placed into one of 15 levels spread across seven categories.

Grammar explained Key grammar explanations help you write and speak correctly. Learners study in context with videos of people accomplishing daily tasks, audio recordings of real-life situations, karaoke-style music lessons, and up-to-date news stories from the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times.

Longman Dictionaries online is a premier dictionary site that allows you to access the best of Longman Learners' dictionaries, whatever you do, wherever you are.

Seamless blended learning Our courses include fully integrated live instruction helping learners every step of the way.

Personalized instruction

Topic Vocabulary Topic specific words are labelled. Longman Dictionary Apps Download our latest apps and make sure you always have a dictionary in your pocket whenever or wherever you need one.

Longman Dictionaries online offers a library of online American dictionaries for all levels. Each learner has unique skills, interests, and goals, such as getting a promotion or working with English-speaking clients.

Pearson Online English lets you activate three units at once, and complete as many units as you want during the semester. A quicker way to find the meanings you are looking for. Measured Results Our dynamic analytics and progress reports give learners the ability to track their daily performance and focus on the skills they need to improve.

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Changing the way the world learns English. There are thousands of synonyms and antonyms listed, and the thesaurus explains the difference between terms that have similar meanings so that learners can find the most appropriate words for what they want to say.

Longman Communication in practice The Longman Communication has been developed from the Longman Communicationwhich features the highest frequency words and is still used in some of our dictionaries. Collocations Frequent, common word combinations are highlighted.

Our uniquely personal, digital approach boosts employability because we empower individuals to learn English with a focus on educational discipline, career goals, and individual profi ciency level.

Teachers can also prepare dynamic lessons based on their students' performance in the product and give just-in-time feedback where they need it most.

At the end of each unit, you can take an achievement test to demonstrate comprehension of what you have learned.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Collocations help improve fluency so you can express yourself naturally. Thematic Units Whether your goal is use English in Business, prepare for Standardized Tests, Travel or any other activity you will find the appropriate units for your language learning needs.

Words are shown in context.