Lachenal Concertina Dating Lachenal Concertina Dating

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For folk and morris dance the anglo concertina and its accordion cousin the melodeon proved ideal. Wheeldon for sending these, and diligently answering other questions from me.

Having said that, Howard Jones has fitted internal mikes to his anglo concertina, apparently without harmful effects, and has put instructions up on the net at: Small leather flap valves on the opposite side of the pan from their corresponding reeds control the air flow.

Personally I prefer to fit baffles in our concertinas - I like the sweetness for song accompaniment and it is an easy dating a coworker tips with double-sided tape!

Watch this space for more info. Has as many as 30 attendees. Macmillan, Anglos are also referred to by the number of keys here meaning buttons! So it is important to view each transcription with a sceptical respect. Fortunately there are now makers who are producing new anglos based on accordion reeds but still very playable at a more reasonable price see below.

What must strike the present-day concertinist immediately—and perhaps it would have been noticed even by contemporary readers of the Dictionary—is that Grove accounts for one type of concertina only: I have only expressed opinions where I am familiar with the instruments.

Lachenal English Concertina

After all, you may find anything up to and including woodworm. Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture A few weeks previously I had discovered in the older Lachenal concertina dating advice production ledgers an interesting entry for wheatstone concertina dating The multiple ranges begin as a feature of sales beforebut after that the multiple range-lines wheatstone concertina dating the structure of sales, with many simultaneous ranges extended over longer periods.

Often the tunes haven't been played for many years and the player is not as "in practice" as they would have been when playing regularly. I have walked from British Grove to Lower Mall in a little over fifteen minutes.

There may be additional screws in the centre of the outside on some instruments which will also need to be removed.

Wheatstone Concertina Dating

If, however, they shared the same range, how did they differ from one another? C—Marchserial numberto 22nd Decemberserial number There is quite a good picture in Microsoft's Encarta encyclopaedia, except that it is upside down!

I only wish there was something similar for English and Duet players in this regard, keep an eye on Button Box! The screws keep the wood clamped into shape. There are also tenor, bass, and double bass concertinas, varying in size and shape.

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Only the anglo of all the main types of concertina plays different notes on the push and on the pull. If you are offered a modern mass-produced instrument such as a Stagi formerly Bastari second hand check it very carefully.

I welcome updates, comments and advice about this document. C Norman and Marcus Music. The range of a standard 48 key English concertina is from G below middle C to C 3 octaves above middle C i. Nowhere near elimination, of declaring some, idea just think med person until, sept.

Remove the screws one at a time from opposite sides of the endplate so as to distribute the strain, and replace them the same way when you are reassembling the instrument do not overtighten as you may cause the ends or reed pans to warp.

I think these new instruments are ideal for beginners, and for more experienced players too, in that they will look good and last well and not hold them back the way mass-produced instruments can.

Lachenal Concertina Dating

The International Concertina Association has a quarterly newsletter for members which I find both interesting and informative. Here are the words: I cannot stress that too strongly.

If the answer is "no, I get different notes" then it is an anglo. Shops and Dealers Makers and Repairers Oak Publications, They survive the contradictory tensions of decoration and simplification and the key and style changes as they move from instrument to instrument.

Established in they Bruksvagen 11 b currently have about 20 members. The firm had borne his name alone in directory entries sincealthough the concertinas continued to be labelled C. This instrument is double action, and produces the same note both on drawing and pressing the bellows.

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Fairly easy to obtain one. If you have a Wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serial number it is normally on one end then this list will tell you the year of manufacture. His item reads He was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland in and died in Modewarre in Ca—the lowest recorded Wheatstone serial number is 59, the highest,with dates ranging from to ; there are, however, many missing entries, especially in the earliest period.

The Tunes The selection of tunes is based on their suitability for the Anglo and their popularity amongst Australian style players.