Top 10 Must Visit Temples in Bangalore Top 10 Must Visit Temples in Bangalore

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You can buy any item here as a souvenir or gift it to your friend. Kannada inscriptions dating back to AD have mentioned about the city called Bengaluru. A new re-mastered version with additional footage released on 25 August Here the water continuously flows from the mouth of Nandi statue and falls on the Linga.

It is one of the must visit temples located in Old Airport Road, Bengaluru. This is supposed to be the biggest temple of Nandi in the world measuring 15ft in in height and 20 feet in length. There are several temples of Lord Mahadeva in Bangalore. It is believed that the idol of Shri Subramanya is self originated.

Here you can take pictures of your friends with a majestic view of the temple in the background or take selfies and upload them on our Facebook page.

Finally you will reach the area of temple pond or kalyani. This temple was built in the year and the deity Banashankari Amma too was positioned there the same year. Protected structure under the Karnataka Ancient and Historical Monuments, and Archaeological Sites and Remains Actthis temple sees lakhs of devotees every year.

With kuttichathan temple in bangalore dating ornate temple arches, fountains and elaborated Rajagopuram this temple is a feast for the eyes. You should check out this list of temples for your temple tour for Shivarathri And in the end, it illuminates the entire Shivalingam.

The actual temple is small consisting only of the shrine. This is a nice place to sit yay burcu dogum ayi dating relax for some time with your friends. This spectacle happens every year on the day of the festival.

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This is one of the popular sites pilgrimage near Bangalore and among the well known Bangalore places of interest. The people not only come to this temple to pray but also to marvel at the architecture. The idol in the sanctum sanitarium, is Lord Venkatarama.

The temple is visited by thousands of people from various parts of the country and abroad every day as it is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangalore. It is said that back then this temple was used for atonement by Gowthama, one of the great Hindu saints. Many visitors, in a hurry to go to their next place of visit, often miss to have a look at this murti.

It is believed that he is also a generous god. It is easy to solve all the problems if you can find the root cause of the problems. In the evening, the colorful fountains in the pond provide a visual delight and create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere for the visitors.

The temple is particularly special for those who seek the Lord to bless them with a child. The lord vishnumaya swamy needs special poojas to get desiored things done and the removel of the doshams for his devotees, Here at karanayil devasthanam we are performing very old and secret pooja manthras and powerful thantrika karmas to get immediate solutions for their problems with the blessings of lord vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy, after performing poojas we will send the prasadam and pooja details with follow ups to devotees address through postel or courier.

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The devotees can view Laxmi Narasimha through a strategically placed mirror. Built in the year this architectural wonder is a must visit place for all tourists.

In the evening of Makar Sankranthi festival, the sunlight passes through the horns of nandi statue and directly falls on the lingam. The four temple Gopurams are attached by a glass canopy. At these times you will get a stright advice from the lord about the problems and which poojas will gives you permanent solution for your problems and doshams.

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Subramanya is considered as lord of Snakes. The two pillars are said to be symbolic of the Sun and the Moon. It stands about 18 ft. There is also a Vedic Museum, an exhibition area, and a lecture hall.

It has a grand look and a towering presence. Some other modifications around the temple indicate the influence of Vijayanagara architectural style made in the later years. Niyogam starts every day at It is a 17th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

8 Popular Shiva Temples in Bangalore

You can also go through a small write-up about this fundamental philosophical subject written in Hindi, Kannada and English languages at the diorama. It was also dubbed in Hindi as Chhota Chetan in and became a big box office hit.

Lord Sree Vishnumaya Will give immediate solutions for his devotees problems those who are giving poojas and special offering to the lord, as lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy is known as the supreme power in kaliyuga.

Let us take a pictorial trip around these holy sites! Devotees can feel the differences in their life after performing poojas and giving offerings to lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan swamy At Karanayil Devasthanam.

Ghati is also the place where Lord Subramanya invoked protection from Lord Lakshmi Narasimha for the serpentine clan from Garuda's scare. The temple was built in the year by the local ruler of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire. This temple was built over years ago and is home to some very interesting and intricate carvings.

The long teeth on either side of the mouth are the only thing which helps one understands the difference.

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According to legend, Ghati is the place where Lord Subramanya performed penance in the guise of a serpent inside the caves in the mountain ranges of this area before going to kill the demon Tharakasura. Whatever complicated matters disturbing in your life can be solved by performing poojas and giving offerings to lord vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy.

Here are some of the prominent Shiva temples for a religious tour in Bangalore. This day, the day of festival Makar Sankranti, is celebrated is ways that are no less than any national festival.

There are also laminated and framed pictures, beads, books, CDs, toys, incense and so on. The film's cinematography and editing was done by Ashok Kumar and T.

However, in 16th century, it was restored and extended by the founder of Bangalore, Kempegowda I.