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This is a drink that comes from a different time and place. It's herbal and citrusy and balances nicely with the Dolin Dry Vermouth.

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It's not a drink for beginners, but if made well, is excellent. But what is vodka made from? So, it's important to use a good, flavorful gin.

The staff are hyped, the music is deafening and the cocktails are flowing each and every day of the week. Raspberry Vodka I first discovered raspberry vodka a few years back whilst running a pub. Vodka is generally not aged and can be made using a range of accessible materials and ingredients such as potatoes, grains, sugars, fruit and most things that are capable of being fermented.

It's the klaves flirtini cocktail that Bette Davis slams in a single gulp before declaring, the now-famous line, "Fasten your seatbelts.

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It was primarily used for medicinal purposes and as an ingredient in gun powder during the Middle Ages but during the 14th century became an established drink in Russia and by the middle of the 16th century was recognised as the national drink of Poland and Finland.

If you can't make it out, mix it at home and prepare yourself for a bumpy night. What is Vodka Made From?

It's crisp, bold and, of course, very gin-forward. Opium is a hidden gem amongst the back to back bustling restaurants of Gerrard Street.

It's a virtual time-machine of a cocktail. It's going to be a bumpy night" http: It's like the lesser known sibling of a celebrity.

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It's a drink that fell out of favor in the era of margarita mixes and cotton candy flavored vodkas. It's the drink Cary Grant swills on the train when he's run from the cops in North By Northwest https: George Spirits' Bontanivore Gin.

This makes it a spirit that is easy to produce in a relatively short space of time. It was Absolut Raspberry and as with everything that is new it had an initial surge of popularity that then curbed and evened out.

For more intoxicating cocktails click: How to Make Vodka Vodka is a neutral spirit that tends not to have a distinctive flavour or taste in its untampered form.

In this case, it's living in the shadow of the Martini. It's a favorite of Roger Sterling on Mad Men.

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For a liquid lunch of yesteryear or a pre-dinner libation. Vodka has been sipped, downed and applied across the globe for centuries. It was also a handy ingredient to use in shooter and cocktail recipes.

The one in the video is my new favorite, go-to gin, St.