Kiefer Ravena Apologized to his girlfriend Alyssa Valdez Kiefer Ravena Apologized to his girlfriend Alyssa Valdez

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To be a Phenom is one thing. They say they are the ultimate OTP, a powerhouse relationship decorated with championship kiefer and alyssa dating games, numerous awards, endorsements, TV shows, guestings and highly coveted sports deals and offers.

Kiefer Ravena is the best basketball player in his generation. He ran out of supplies shortly before a training camp in Australia and took Blackstone Labs Beograund online dating, a supplement which is mixed with water and is supposedly similar to C4.

TV Patrol: Kiefer, nag-sorry kay Alyssa

And oh, what couples do in Europe! Or maybe the gods of sports brought them together because duh, a Phenom is meant only for another Phenom. The PBA has yet to test its players for substances prohibited by FIBA although it has previously sanctioned players for illegal substances such as marijuana and methamphetamine locally known as shabu.

They inspire the young ones.

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The Phenoms that help together, stay together, yes? Kiefer Ravena has RackSports to promote basketball to different parts of the country while Alyssa Valdez has Crosscourt to bring volleyball to a wider audience. Ravena previously tried out for the Legends but did not join the D-League draft.

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Ravena explained that he consumes a pre-workout drink called C4, which can be bought from retailers around Metro Manila. They also got to meet and greet the Filipino communities and encouraged them to play the sport.

He was tested positive for methylhexanamine1,3-Dimethylbutylamine and higenaminesubstances prohibited by WADA. Realizing that the younger ones look up to them and consider them their idols, they both set up separate outfits that promote the sport through skills camps, tournaments and other activities.

There were speculations circulating that Ravena have tested positive on performance-enhancing drug.

They inspire the young ones.

Ravena has also played for the Philippine men's national basketball team. She now writes documentaries for TV. Their last game was against the host team.

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Or maybe lock their love through pad locks in the romantic city of Paris? Couples do travel, yes, but to be able to travel together for a cause make it all worthwhile.

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There are so much more to what this tandem can do out of their relationship. He was also part of the Philippines men's national under basketball squad that was sent to the FIBA Asia Under Championship where they managed to finish in 5th place. But these are just not all that is to envy about the MVP couple.

They won the gold medal in that tournament after winning all their games. They work together, too, sometimes, just like during the third Fastbr3ak Charity event where they teamed up in organizing a volleyball exhibition match with other athletes and celebrities.

True enough, the Phenom couple is the real MVP. Just recently, the King Eagle surprised his Queen during her fans day, serenading her in front of hundreds of screaming fans. Maybe these two just got lucky.

Kiefer Ravena reveals he's courting Alyssa Valdez

Alyssa Valdez is the best volleyball player in her generation, too. Mighty Sports[ edit ] On March 1,Ravena announced that he will be suiting up for Mighty Sports Cavaliers for a chance to hone his skills and at the same time prepare for the PBA draft.

They get to travel together for a cause. And when we say screaming, they were literally on top of their lungs.

TV Patrol: Kiefer, nag-sorry kay Alyssa

Ravena was part of the Philippines men's national under basketball squad that was sent to the FIBA Asia Under Championship wherein they finished 4th place.

To be with another Phenom is another. They got to raise half a million for the typhoon Nona victims.