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Try these on for size, dear reader: This new Kickboxer movie will be one mighty martial arts feast! At some point during the journey, Kurt is sedated and later wakes up in a dingy cell at an infamous prison in Bangkok, Thailand. Expect to see some familiar faces along with pure adrenaline action fight sequences throughout.

However, kickboxer 2 castellano online dating champion is unexpectedly replaced by Po, who brutalizes the young man and kills him in the ring despite Sloane's efforts to talk the young fighter down.

Ivan Drago butchered poor Brian read: Click on the poster to enlarge. We pickup the story in a crowded sports arena with cheering fans where Kurt is now in a new battle — A title bout for the MMA World Championship title.

Kickboxer 2

At the six-minute mark, we spot the second oiled chest, this time belonging to good friend Brian, whose only function is to betray his buddy and die in the ring. Though David initially wants nothing to do with him, he finally relents and allows Xian to nurse him back to health.

Now David Sloan must seek revenge the only way he knows how…. Although his will to compete has waned since the loss of his brothers, financial problems eventually force Sloane to fight again in a new organization run by a crooked promoter.

Slabs of oiled meat kick, punch, box, and fuck. Now with no other recourse, Sloane is forced to accept Po's challenge.

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As said, a little boy dies in a fire, but the best death occurred as Tong Po read: Needless to say, there are several extended training sequences — all set to Survivor the band, asshole style music — that feature endless close-ups of thighs, calves, chests, and abs.

When his students introduce him to the new neighborhood bully, David once again demonstrates the "rock and the river", but the lesson is cut short when the ice cream truck arrives and Xian treats the kids.

His surprising comeback ultimately attracts the attention of Po Qissi who, having been defeated by Kurt, seeks to defeat David in the ring and regain his honor. How bad is it really? We then discover that Sloan runs a gym for wayward boys!

Through much pain and pure determination, Kurt is put through some of the most enduring training he has ever experienced to prepare him for the fight for his life. Kurt does not fully comprehend the challenge he has ahead of him until he encounters the pure size and strength of the man named Mongkut.

Having lost his honor, Sangha confronts David in the ring at gunpoint, but thanks to a distraction by his friend Jack, David is able to disarm and incapacitate him. David Sloane Mitchellthe last surviving brother, struggles to keep the family's Los Angeles kickboxing gym afloat. And why was Peter Boyle in this mess?

When Kurt returns back to the locker room he is met by a familiar face along with, what we are led to believe to be two US marshals who charge Kurt with a crime and is extradited back to Thailand in an illegal manner.

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Now I know why I never liked martial arts films to begin with, even when as a high school student I preferred bone-snapping to witty banter. Not one syllable, although the dialogue was as bad as it gets.

But when Sloane announces his retirement after the bout, Po's manager Sangha Tagawa hires a group of thugs to burn down the gym, injuring Sloane and killing one of his young students. And the opening song? Plot[ edit ] One year after the events of the first film, it is revealed that kickboxing brothers Kurt and Eric Sloane have been killed by Tong Po in Thailand.

Kurt is offered 2 million dollars to fight or face a life term behind bars, but Kurt is steadfast and just wants to go home…He will not put a price on human life for the pleasure of others.

He offers free kickboxing lessons to local kids, often demonstrating a technique he calls the "rock and the river" which allows him to defend against attacks while blindfolded.

Despite being in the heart of L.

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And the referee that Po threw out of the ring? Any hint of a story is mere pretext — what we paid to see are oily, well-built men inflict a tremendous amount of pain on each other, with the hope that there will be numerous slo-mo sequences where blood and spit fly through the air.

Utilizing his "rock and the river" technique, however, David ultimately exacts his revenge and defeats his rival. Tong Po is brutalized in the final battle, but he appears to be breathing when we last see him.

Their showdown was far bloodier than Raging Bull, and I continue to be amazed that a man can remain standing after several dozen iron-fisted rabbit punches.

Meanwhile, one of Sloane's most promising students, Brian Wagner, has secured a championship bout and invites Sloane to watch the fight. In a bloody bout reminiscent of the "ancient way" of fighting in Thailand, Sloane is beaten badly and has clouded vision.

Typically, women are reduced to their tits, but the hatred usually present in these hyper-masculine adventures was toned down completely. The next day, David unsuccessfully teaches Xian to drive a car. No official release date.

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There are the evil Asians, which might be construed as a reflection of our economic fears, but little is done with it. Apollo in the fight that was meant to bring David back into the ring. This is a spectacle they know will bring in millions. There might have been two other deaths, although they cannot be confirmed by the strict standards of this category.