Who Is Kenza Fourati Dating ? Who Is Kenza Fourati Dating ?

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Kenza Fourati ~ The Tunisian Fashion Sensation | Fashion & Style Guru

Travelling, discovering places, cultures, cuisines, people is truly my passion. But I can see a fascination in fashion and it s reflected in the interest the international brands take in the region.

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As the first Arab Muslim model to be featured in the magazine, she raised debates in Tunisian society and abroad about what it means to be Muslim and about variety within the religion. They proposed me to enter the contest, I did it just to do it, not knowing my life would take a complete different turn.

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The young model blasted onto the modeling scene and international stage after appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in My dream home would be on a sailing boat! Tell us more about you, your background and how did you get into modeling? It is not…I am very supported back home.

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Kenza fourati dating quotes work out with my trainer sometimes and do some yoga and pilates but mostly love outdoors sports: You were the first Arab ever featured in Sports Illustrated magazine, how does that make you feel?

Honestly I never thought of me as the first Arab to pose for SI.

Kenza Fourati

She is the first Female Muslim Arab model to pose for the magazine. She has appeared in numerous international magazines, such as Belgium Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire, and has attended countless Fashion Weeks.

The team is adorable, I am in contact with all of them and you feel quickly part of this beautiful family. If you go in Tunisia, from the taxi driver to the housewife everyone feels involved. How would you describre yourself as a model?

Yes, I m politically conscious.

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Try to eat healthy, love to cook and eat at home but no diet. She is the eldest daughter of a radiologist and a Film producer. How do you see Fashion in Tunisia and the Middle East? That is a debate that we want to create, but it must be a peaceful one.

Kenza Fourati

She began working for the agency after winning third place in the Elite Model Look competition at the age of How would you describe your personal style? She also studied Film making and Acting in London. Well lol, modelling is my job, I love what I do and I believe that s probably the key to be good at whatever you do!

And the social differences just like the cultural ones are huge.

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I am obsessed with discovering this awesome planet as you said. The problem is the lack of choices, yes they are few Brands imported but there is no real domestic brand addressing to this niche.

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Any less favorite aspects? No I must say, work hard, Work on developing yourself as a person and dont let anyone define who you are because that s the danger with this job.

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A quote that you could leave us with? Can you tell MEF about your future projects? She attended a French lycee in Tunisia and began modeling after graduating from high school.

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What can you tell us about the situation in your country now? Why should the two be exclusive? And I must say I love this. We should be able to portray art like this if we want to, as the extremists are allowed to express themselves, too. There is also a lack of exposure of fashion, art and culture in North Africa that s why we decided to work together and launch an online magazine.

Is that an answer?

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Sometimes it clashes but I m very optimist for the future. Moving constantly Always What are your favorite aspects of your job? I love fashion, this is my world for a while now and it grew in me.