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Kenwood tl 922 amp.soft start hookup. How to select an hf tube amplifier ?

In all cases it is recommended to select an ALC offering an adjustable threshold control of the output power. A variable transformer c was connected and the voltage was slowly increased where at a certain point a few flashovers occurred and the 1 Amp fuse was blown.

Even with a variable capacitor instead of fixed ones, the results were not consistent.

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In operation it blows an air so warm to the outside that after some minutes of use you do no more need of a heater in your hamshack! In power amplifiers step-starting is a must. After some hesitation to violate a neat looking linear, it was decided to mount a DIN connector.

A punching tool set. It would have been an extensive operation with removing some wiring and components. That was a rather clumsy and mechanically unstable construction. Like all blowers - see blades of your computer one - they attract dust and it should be useful to install an air filter in the air intake.

Engineered with Kenwood tl 922 amp.soft start hookup advanced circuit and mechanical technology, the TL employs two rugged Z power tubes to their full advantage. Then your amplifier is protected against flashover, random oscillations and supply shortcut and often more output.

So be very careful if you have to open an amplifier powered up. At left, the Emtron DX-3 digital display.

Kenwood TL-922 TL-922A Power amplifier

The Volt doubling circuit is not connected to ground or frame of the TL! Each amplifier seems mechanically the same, but that is not electrically.

Unprecedented Reliability The TL is designed to provide stable, high RF output power for extended periods of continuous use. Indeed your first feeling seeing an amplifier will be its look, its design.

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However if you select V, you will have the correct filament voltage of actividades terciarias yahoo dating 4.

A 30 mm hole for a male DIN power connector. One side of the fuse holder was soldered to the supply feed-through. Full Safety System To protect you against any possible high voltage electric shock, your TL has a double safety system comprised of interlocking switches.

A 12 pF capacitor was added to compensates for the removed voltage divider C40 and C Plate current, plate voltage, output power, reflected power, screen grid current, SWR, overdrive, ready, transmit and fault information, for short all parameters are displayed on this sophisticated solid state display panel utilizing colored LEDs.

Kenwood TL-922A Linear Amplifier with HARBACH Soft Key Mod

How to select a tube HF amplifier? Meters To get permanently a status of current flowing in your amplifier, you need a display including some meters, among which the most useful are a dedicated grid current meter and a plate current meter.

In the photo this was done temporarily to protect and test the amplifier. Replacing the input capacitor wasn't a good idea because it will make for a narrower bandwidth. In my own amplifier only the SWR on 80 meters was unsatisfactory.

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The old mounting strip was used for the new relay circuitry, which appears further down this article. Its function is to protect the electronic in case of overdrive, high SWR or if a mis-tune happens by mistake.

The circuit, which was used, had already been used in a modified SB amplifier. Such an exchange is hard to get in a cabinet containing separation plates or in which some very large components prevent to reach the smaller but hot one located behind them.

You can put an insulated tinned copper wire through the hole of where a ground pin uses to be and use this as a central grounding point left.

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The application of feedback can make things better. In my amplifier the manufacturer had a pF capacitor for both C57 and C59! IV Security issues Due to the high energy flowing in a power amplifier, several protections have to be implemented to prevent any damage due to a malfunction or a bad manipulation from the user.

With the self-supporting construction they are a lot shorter and the SWR between the transceiver and the amplifier improves on all bands. Just by grounding one pin the current is forced to flow via one point and that improves the HF stability of a tube is my opinion.

Kenwood TL-922

This is the function of an interlock relay that must always be enabled to prevent any accident if by mistake you touch a device under high voltage. The circuits are in a Faraday cage and don't allow the RF current to return to ground directly. The cooling fan will normally run for seconds TYP after power is removed from the unit and will measurably extended tube life.

Please observe all warnings, they are for your protection.

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Please take note, whenever you replace the valves at least on the higher bands, the input coils have to be readjusted. In the meantime this was only done for the 10, 15 and 80 meter input circuits. Four safety systems are installed in Ulvin Tremedus and some, but still too few, other amplifiers: If I drive my amplifier with a W carrier, the control grid current in some bands is more than mA.

Kenwood TL-922A Linear Amplifier with HARBACH Soft Key Mod

A modification of a different Japanese ham with signal on pin 1. If external ALC is not used, the output of the transmitter must be reduced using the power output control to avoid damaging the tubes.

You can cover up the rest of the hole with a bit of black plastic. I also found an Eimac spec. This lower number was necessary because the V line voltage was set in the V position.

Because both ZG's are working under the same conditions as the Drake L-4B amplifier see tableone can use the L-4B idle current for the TL without any problems.

Such mechanism can also be found in the filament transformer; a high tension control that prevents the amplifier to work until turning on the high tension button; a stand by knob that, sometimes, cannot be activated before having pressed the high tension button and an interlock relay that disable the power supply in case of the cabinet is opened.

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So paralleling the external pins is for HF unnecessary. Usually this action must never be carried out at home but only at the dealer workshop or in the company of a radio technician.

You could be disappointed by your first feeling. The tube worked smoothly with a low plate voltage, but when it was increased in the SSB mode there was a flashover and the fuse blows.