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Kate gosselin dating, today's top stories

Kate Gosselin says that her kids are eager for her to remarry.

YOU get a life. Are you surprised to hear that Kate Gosselin is going to have a dating show? Jon was a real super-dud! She no way seems to enjoy or even like her kids and is constantly using a bossy, harsh tone with them.

I got married to my wonderful husband who loves my kids and they love him.

It looks like the 'Kate Plus 8' star is going to try and find love on reality television.

Especially with that mother. Kate Gosselin does have a few things she wants in a man. It has been for some time. As a result of the early birth, the sextuplets had to be placed on ventilators. She needs to take some parenting classes and get herself into therapy to deal with her anger issues.

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. The Gosselin children have been working almost non-stop for mommy since school has been out.

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When will she go away already? The man was a saint to put up with her attitude and mouth. I love her and what she is doing. She won't be joining "The Bachelor" or anything like it but instead articles for online dating getting her own show.

Kate Gosselin Kids, Dating, Boyfriend, Engaged, Parents, Bio

The reason Kate has not had luck with her several shows was that many television executives considered her too controversial. Steve Neild After this show, she will come back home to me. By Junethe two got married. Kate too deserves to find real love and the kids need to see her happy also.

It astounds me that people buy into her good mommy crap and it astounds me she has television shows. Plus, Kate Gosselin really likes the idea that if she goes out on a date with a stranger she won't be alone.

Kate was dressed in some real skimpy outfits toward the end of the competion. Why is the world would she opt to do a dating show after her kids have suffered enough through a very public breakup between her and her ex husband.

Kate Gosselin To Star In New TLC Show About Her Dating Life

Speaking as a kindergarten teacher who deals with 20 kids by myself for 6. And shame on TLC, the all time biggest enablers in their hot pursuit of the big bucks. It has never been about the kids.

However, the show was not picked up. Lord knows how many other women can go through the same thing and still come out strong and focused for her children and herself.

Kate Gosselin on dating again: 'There are a lot of obstacles'

Angeline28 Of course Kate would do the dating show if given the opportunity. Ehat man in his right mind would want to hitch up with this woman? And Of course she would do this show for her kids. Sometime init circulated that the reality star has found love again.

The show followed Kate and her husband as they raised their eight children — a set of sextuplets and a pair of twins. There is nothing about this woman that is real. Hope she finds a nice classy good guy. Kate does want someone that feels like a friend to her kids, but it doesn't sound like she is looking for a new father figure for them.

This show has a really cute name and will be called "Kate Plus Date. Any man that would even think about being with her, needs mental help. Michelle Duggar is a mother of a large family………. Why is JJ posting all these stories from stupid tabloids?

She has dated a bit since her split from Jon, but this is going to really get her back out in the dating world. The show featured Kate traveling around the country visiting mothers who had previously written to her about their stories.

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Of course, one thing is that he is going to have to be okay with all of her children. Do you honestly think a relationship and true love can develop from a reality show about Kate and her 8. It should be interesting to see what kind of guys they hook her up with on the series.

More of her lies. Details about this show This is going to be a dating show and it will air on TLC.

Giới thiệu công ty Vinamilk- quản trị học

It really bothers me as I would never think to talk with such disrespect to the kids I teach. Women stop hating on one another and get over it! She would love the attention of all those men. After several years together, Kate and Jon announced on the 22nd of June that they were getting separated.

Kate has never shared who she has dated since her big split from Jon Gosselin. It is actually pretty common for children born through fertility treatments to be born prematurely. Mickey What man would sign up for this?

Kate had undergone fertility treatment because she was unable to get pregnant otherwise as a result of her polycystic ovary syndrome. Over a year later, in Octobershe gave birth to twin girls — Madelyn and Cara.

All those guys only go on that show because they wanna become famous….

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She is foul, disgusting and how anyone can watch this trashy excuse for a mother is beyond me. Angie Well it is very obvious that she has been having an affair with Steve, her so called bodyguard. Did you see how Jon did the bulk of the work and took orders from this mentally ill woman?

She is taking care of her 8 children and providing for their future. Katie keep doing what you are doing and I hope everything working out: