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Thus, Horde presents information as per the user's requirement.

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Once you have typed in yourdomain. Blacklist, Whitelist, and Move 3. Please tell us how we can improve this article: Replying or Forwarding a e-mail, the signature and reply is all wrong. Before you can use any of the webmail features, you must connect to your email account using the username and password assigned to you by your network administrator.

This allows user to use his existing userbase, thereby eliminating the need for remembering any additional passwords. In the To field, you can type the email address s to whom you want to send your message or you can select addresses or contacts to send your message to from the address book.

The dynamic view and operation is very nice, streamlined, and I like it it grows on me more and more after using it, however too many shortcuts were taken and it is missing the core fundamentals of a e-mail software. Then my reply and signature here: Your webmail login can be accessed by typing yourdomain.

The first time you log in, it will ask you what language you want to use: Each column has a heading. Add someone in the CC field in case you want to send a copy of the mail to someone.

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In order to use Horde webmail, go to the URL of your website with webmail at its end- www. My Text Reply here: Congratulations, now you can send and receive your email from the email address that you logged in with. Also add BCC in case you want to send a blank carbon copy of the same mail to someone.

You might choose to compose a new message or perhaps to reply to an existing message. Horde is one of the most flexible groupware on the planet, and that makes it the perfect platform on which to build your business productivity software: If you have any problem, just click the "Help" link on the Horde panel.

Reply you would type with signature is now at the bottom of the previous e-mail body "like forum software" Email I am replying to located here: Email Address Name new! The above are items I noticed immediately after the upgrade and used constantly, so I am really surprised they have changed so much and not working like the old system or other e-mail programs for that matter.

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The Compose Window allows you to set, among other things, the message recipient's address who you're sending mail tothe message subject, and the message contents. As soon as you finish, click on the Send Message.

Remember, do not use your cPanel username and password at the webmail login. The email message that was sent can be seen in the Sent folder. You can compose a new email message here.

Once you've filled in these three fields, click the "Login" button to proceed.

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It will display the New Message window. It is possible to enable "AutoLoad" so on future visits the system knows which program you prefer. The Compose Window You can send mail in a variety ways. This will bring you into the Horde application.

The Horde webmail program is very easy and straight forward to use.

Upgrading Horde Groupware Webmail Edition

Further, Horde or any part of it can be customized at any given point of time. Did you find this article helpful? The Mailbox Listing The contents of your Inbox folder will be displayed immediately upon logging in. Simply fill out the appropriate fields at the top of the window only the To: Horde Webmail allows the users to send, receive and organize e-mail messages.

To view the contents of a message, click on the message's subject. E-mail body I am replying to in quote box My Signature placed here: