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These doctors do not perform surgery, but refer patients to neurological surgeons when they determine that surgical intervention is necessary.

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Ashish is now leading an effort to apply this approach to the early childhood education space where there is potential for the private sector to provide affordable quality preschools alhilal vs lekhwiya online dating will complement - and hopefully lead to improvement - in the services provided by the government and non-profit sector.

Like other doctors, psychiatrists employ diagnostic tools like CT scans and MRI in order to observe the structure and function of a patient's brain. Varsha S Karamchandani has the following 2 specialties Psychiatry A psychiatrist is a doctor with specific training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

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Ashish, with his wife Vibha Krishnamurthy, also runs Ummeed, a non-profit organization for children with, and at risk of, developmental disabilities.

Once a diagnosis is made, these specialists may use behavior or cognitive therapy in order to address the patient's condition, or a multitude of other types of therapy, in conjunction with or in place of medication.

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The work has also included supporting government to change policy to support such housing. Ashish has a B.

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In some cases, a psychiatrist will only provide the medication and the counseling will be provided by another healthcare specialist, like a certified counselor or psychologist.

Neurology A neurologist is a physician who diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system which is comprised of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Some of the conditions that neurologists diagnose and treat are epilepsy, aneurysms, hydrocephalus, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal disc herniation, and spinal disease. This led to a one-year project with a six-member team that looked at case studies of market-based solutions that seemed to have gone to scale to both understand the importance of ecosystem barriers and how to address them.

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The plan is to develop robust business models, do rigorous pilots, and then attract scale players, while working on different elements of the ecosystem to ensure quality at scale. Subsequent work in the space brought out the fact that while the business model is important, it is not enough — these solutions work in difficult environments and one has to address broader ecosystem issues.

In addition to using diagnostic tests like MRI, CT scans, EEG and EMG, neurologists also employ neurological testing to gauge muscle strength and movement, balance, reflexes, sensation, memory, speech, and other cognitive abilities.

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India Monitor Inclusive Markets focuses on catalyzing market-based approaches to improve the lives and livelihoods of the global poor - working both at a broad sector level developing a more rigorous underpinning of the opportunity, its drivers and barriers and how to address the barriersand at the level of specific initiatives.

Ashish recognized that the traditional business model will often not work and he co-led a foundational field-based project across sectors like healthcare, water, education, livelihoods, etc.

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Founder, Monitor Group, Deloitte Country: