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Did I mention that it is an open air show and that the weather really was unpredictable today?


Public transports is the glamorous way to travel on a showday. Only task to do: Following fashion week I always have the blues.

I forgot to mention that we also had to brief our technical guy for the light set up in the park. It was simply a story that I liked. In Japan I sell really well. Then you just grab the next one and same story all over again.

Happy and exhausted the official team shot. The 10 min walk to the park was probably the longest and most nervous walk I had before any show.

And yes there are many different songs and it is crucial that the right model is getting the right song. He puts men in hot pink dress pants.

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We need more grass and skin glue. In my apartment, next to knick-knacks from all over the world and three bags of shoes, there are almost only heirlooms from my grandparents.

What is the video for your summer collectionLife is One of the Hardest, about? It really is not the easiest down there at Hermann Platz.

I think that, thanks to this inner drive, I found a leitmotif. Shall I walk the 10 min knowing that I will walk this distance another times today, since our show location is the Geschichtspark Moabit next to Hauptbahnhof and the studio is just 10 min away from it?

Singing your mind numb is pretty much the best thing to do with several rum and cokes in my hands. Are you coming with? In Berlin I had a view of the TV tower.


A 5 minutes catwalk almost. Luckily the dark clouds faded away and I have the perfect twilight mood I was hoping for. This is my heart, my being. All carrying some bird whistles, wale sounds, kawaii music or deep tunes from paris.

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DE He finds inspiration at Disneyland. In the end they created all the prints for The One and Only. Coffee and food comes later. But being late is never fun for nerves. They are still sticking around to get a closer look of the collection. Julian Zigerli is flying high.

Making some final retouches on the draping of the clothing. Exactly because I make looks that are so strong and present them as monochrome prints as well. Connected via Bluetooth with the mobile in their pockets.

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The days slowly darkens. He worked for 72 hours straight and is totally exhausted. We know so little about them — that fascinates me. Not everyone understands that. It is very sad that I am not able to see this particular show from the front.

Where are the hair guys?!! A simple number system helps here. That happened around