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All Love Is Unrequited: As expected, Candice was eliminated in the first eviction ceremony and afterwards, host Julie Chen told the remaining 10 houseguests that the MVP twist was officially over for the summer.

Votes to evict Elissa 5: She plays it up for the sympathy card or for attention.

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Inside of the batter are giant blueberries that they will pop to reveal a letter inside. Although she has her occassional temper tantrums, she is still a rather optimistic individual. Every time it passes over the top they will generate one power unit.

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I Just Want to Be Loved: Judd 23, Jessie 13, Spencer 6. Candice has long legs because she's a tall girl. Andy, Judd and Elissa get ready to run laps around the backyard.

Elissa judd and jessie big brother dating David for eviction. Howard[ edit ] Howard Overby born September 3,34, is a youth counselor from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

SpencerAndyElissaJessie McCrae nominated Candice and Jessie for eviction. I have had anxiety all of my life and never really realized it.

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GinaMarie nominated Spencer as the replacement nominee. How many coins are in and around the six golden urns? Candice's "save me" speech was particularly venomous -- she called out then-HOH GinaMarie for throwing her under the bus this week, and GinaMarie was more than willing to fight with her over it.

If you stay and are the furthest from the correct answer you will be eliminated. The houseguests must copy their art collection.

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Judes, and maybe even go on a couple mission trips. Candice has repeatedly been made fun of and humiliated and even people whom she considered her friends and allies i. However, Jeremy was taken by Kaitlin, Nick paid more attention to GinaMarie and thought of her as a clingy five stage clinger, David was pre-occupied with Aaryn and McCrae showed interest in Amanda.

There are 10 bats hanging off of the candleholder. Beaumont, TX Current Residence: San Antonio, TX Occupation: Be the first to catch 10 balls without falling off the wall and you win. Jessie is a tomboy but she also has a strongly girly and feminine side.

GinaMarie cast the sole vote to evict. Judd says I will vote her out. She became infamously known for becoming overly attached to Nick, suffering an emotional breakdown when he was surprisingly evicted on Day Andy and Spencer stayed.

Jessie often wears her hair in a ponytail. The first houseguest to power units will win the Power of Veto. Originally from Beaumont, Texasshe is unemployed.

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He came in 3rd place. With Nick, Jeremy, and Judd. America nominated Amanda for eviction. Julie then informed the rest of the houseguests of the twist.

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Spencer won the Power of Veto. Jessie says its good of you to check though. With Kaitlin and GinaMarie for Aaryn.

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Realizing her mistake, she kept her mouth shut and let the higher profile targets David, Elissa take the fall while she snuck past them into week two. Once again, Elissa won the Power of Veto on Day 58 and saved herself from post-veto nominations.

Helen stayed and earned her first movie ticket. The last person standing will become the new HoH. Spencer gave Andy the gift of wealth.

Unbeknownst to Helen, Andy is dead set against this play because of his secret alliance with McCranda. He cast the sole vote to evict Spencer, taking GinaMarie to the finale over him. On finale night, after losing both parts 1 and 2 of the final HOH competition, Andy once again rose to power after winning part 3 of the HOH competition.

Elissa voted for Andy to win Big Brother. Doesn't seem to be particularly smart or brainy, especially in conversations.

Spencer voted for Andy to win Big Brother. Jessie is petite and is the smallest houseguest of the season. If I hear anything I will tell you.

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Candice traded it to Amanda for the Power of Veto. They will be tied together for the next 24 hours. Helen says that Amanda is not coming after us. Veto Ceremony Judd decided not to use the Power of Veto.

Even Candice had Howard to cling onto throughout the game. Howard and Spencer answered incorrectly and were eliminated from the competition.

ElissaSpencerAndy Comes with being a bit ditzy and boy crazy. Amanda called Jessie out on her Spoiled Brat behavior which led to the two fighting about how Jessie was making plans or scheming to try to get Amanda targeted and evicted from the house.

What are you afraid of? In the veto election, the houseguests will earn votes by crawling under the park benches and searching through the mud for sealed ballots. If you are the last to bring the love letter that OTEV asks for, you will be eliminated.

Elissa says Aaryn lies and makes up a lot of stuff.