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On June 4, Yesung performed it for the first time, and his first solo stage, on Music Bank which reached 3 on show's K-Chart. On July 18,"For One Day" was released.

South Korean Mountain Fortresswhich is based on the novel of the same name by Kim Hoonwhich is based on the historical incident of Byeongja Horanat the Namhansanseong in Gyeonggi-do.

The show presents a Korean celebrity being showered with affection from a secret admirer, with the challenge of guessing who the admirer is. The term 4D is Korean slang used to describe someone who has a weird or unique personality.

T-ara Jiyeon’s And Jung Joon Young’s Agencies Address Dating Rumors

He sang ballad track "Love Really Hurts" for the original soundtrack of television drama Tazza, which aired from September 16, to November 25, Yesung made his solo debut stage on M countdown on April Super Junior and Super Junior K.

Hyunseung Beast He is well known and loved for being entertainingly eccentric. He wears wacky hats dating someone in a wheelchair helpers has shown interest in unique toys.

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However, before the radio show's first anniversary, Yesung left in order to concentrate on Super Junior's second album, Don't Don.

However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations. The song, "It Has To Be You", is a ballad that tells the story about a man who refused to look for another girl, except for the one he loved.

Both Jung Joon Young And Jiyeon Deny Dating Rumors

Y The 1st Concert in Seoul on February Y Japan debut and Hiatus[ edit ] See also: This can also be used for someone who has a strong personality and tends to think outside the box and tends to be creative usually in a weird sort of way. Kwangmin Boyfriend He is known for being the prankster in the group, choosing his victims at random moments.

During the recording of Dream Team 2 on August 21,he fell from a platform and strained his waist again, but was reported to be a minor injury.

It just comes naturally to him. On the group's 2nd albumhe had a solo song for the track "Blind", which releasing on Korean and Japanese version sung by Yesung, however didn't participate with the promotions.

Kiseop U-Kiss He was the quiet, reserved and shy type member, but his 4Dness emerged little by little until he was comfortable enough to just let it shine. Yesung was himself the subject of admiration in episode The last air date for the radio show was September 8, He easily gets distracted and sucked into his own 4D realm, often times confusing other members with his strange wisdom.

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Heechul is featured in the song and starred in the music video, which was completed the day before he enlisted. From October 1 to October 28,he starred in his third musical Spamalot playing the main role of Sir Galahad.

He played the school's rock star who gets attacked by a mysterious force. It showcased various musical talents from the Korean music industry. The injury aggravated old injuries from the neck and waist and was hospitalised for two days.

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On September 27,he along with Eunhyuk and Shindong filled in for bandmate Heechulwho enlisted for mandatory military service on September 1, during the performance on Music Bank and Show! Instead give them your warmest smile, because being 4D is awesome!

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Onew Shinee He has a lot of wacky ideas that make him sound like the new Albert Einstein. His 4D-ness is over the top and he has the talent to think outside the box. The event was in collaboration with the SBS charity program "Hope TV 24" and the money raised was donated to a Mongolian school in South Korea which was at risk of closing down.

Park Bom 2ne1 She is best known for her love of corn and randomness. The track was composed by label mate Kangta and where he went on to performe it on SBS's music program Inkigayo on February In NovemberSuper Junior K.

Jaejoong JYJ He tends to be straightforward and brutally honest and often blurts out random stuff during interviews. He also likes Pikachu — a lot.

Nam Ji Hyun & EXO’s D.O. Get Into Their Characters For “100 Days My Prince” In Latest Teasers!

Seunghyun FT Island The talented guitarist and the adorable maknae of the group who leaps into awkward dances and poses, not to mention his entertaining screeches. Jokwon 2AM He has a very memorable 4D personality. The song has a fantastic harmony and is mixed with the lyrics of secretly loving someone and wondering if that person could possibly be feeling the same way about them.

The teaser for " Promise You " was released on November 21,followed by the single on January 23, E for You, where members of Super Junior often appeared as guests.

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He performed it for the first time at the Super Junior K. The song explores an emotional farewell from a lover.

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Yesung performed this live for the first time on October 6, at the K. On August 8, Yesung was sent to the hospital after falling from a 1. They announced that they would be releasing their first single 6 years after debut.