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However, it was found out that FCS was insufficient to the needs of the modern battlefield, and ergo there was need for further upgrades. Unfortunately for Czechs, ZTS Martin was located in the Slovak part of the country, and since then, upgrade programs of both, has been somewhat split.

After that, the project went off the maps but was still being worked upon, however nothing more definitive that presentation prototype from was shown till end of More interesting and useful loadouts for other planes.

Last edited by Mr0Buggy on Sat 29 Mar As written earlier, an evaluation program at ZTS Martin Traktory Works plant was conducted towards concept of modernization of T, which was codenamed Moderna. Still, inan evaluation program codenamed Moderna, to determine extent of possibility of modernization of T ,begun in ZTS Martin Traktory Works plant and concluded sometime in Interesting to note is, that post Moderna ditched double 20mm Oerlikon cannons [reportedly due to too high stress on the turret ring when firing both of the cannons simultaneously] in favor of single 30mm 2A42 autocannon [manufactured in Slovakia under license].

The whole program was bugged with bad spending, corruption and misuse of funds. However, with Velvet Divorce on 1st Januaryeffectively Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and two new countries were born.

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Realization that Czechoslovakian T fleet was very dated and inferior on the modern day battlefield didn't escape then communist leaders, and there were talks with the USSR to get TS and TS1 for the CSLA, but of course then Autumn of Nations happened, and nothing resulted from those talks.

As it stands now, it was only used in Czechoslovak TAM2B variant, but it stands to reason that would Czechoslovak T upgrades program continue differently in alternate history, it could have been used and further modified to fit the needs of it, alike how Merida of Polish T became Drawa for our T's.

It is said that there was a prototype bybut for certain the Moderna was also shown at IDET Just food for thought. Further aircraft suggestions by Xeno: And that's pretty much it for RD timeframe. Could maybe and a giant maybe at that make for some modern-ish aircraft? Slovak Upgrades within the timeframe: Czech Upgrades within the timeframe: