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As far as dating, nothing official has been confirmed regarding his love life.

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All of his movies except for crossing over are really good, but the best one is definitely Across the Universe. With all his works in various movies as TV shows, he is sure to have a hefty amount in his bank despite the fact that he has never revealed his net worth in the media.

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This is a reflection, Taymor says, of 'his strong sense of self'. Armed with his guitar, he went along with no james sturgess dating history. What is Jim sturgess' mailing address? Where Emma initially hides her beauty behind owlish glasses, sturdy Dr Martens and terrible haircuts, only gradually morphing into a stylish, confident woman, Dexter cuts a swath through the s in flamboyant designer suits, expensive loafers no socks and sunglasses nonchalantly tucked into a top pocket.

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Together they released an album titled, "Tragic Toys" and the lyrics of the songs was written by Jim and music composed by La Roux yuleema and steven dating quotes, Mickey.

And most arrogance and vulgarity comes from an insecure and slightly desperate place. It's frustrating, but really fascinating, watching these two people try and work it out.

He has not been with anyone ever since his split with girlfriend Doona.

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And I think there are times when Dexter is being incredibly insensitive or gauche and cruel and you can see in Jim's eyes the good intentions, you can see the shame and the regret and the desire to be a decent person.

MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. As of Junehe is 36 years old. He's currently dating Mickey O Brian, they've been dating for about four years now.

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Directed by Philip Ridley and made on a shoestring budget, it was a surprisingly beguiling gothic horror tale about a lonely photo-grapher living in a nightmarish vision of London, involving marauding demons and ancient cults.

Who is Jim sturgess? Sturgess hadn't read the book before he auditioned, and thus was unaware of the passion it inspires among its devotees. His good looks are obvious, but with an everyman quality, as Julie Taymor notes during a phone conversation a few days later.

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His future as the next It-boy looked increasingly assured, but Sturgess made a conscious decision to sidestep the seductions and concentrate on making films that meant something to him.

A post shared by JimSturgess officialjimsturgess on Nov 21, at He was also in in the Other Boleyn Girl, it's a period piece. But then I found myself really defending him. You feel like you could live next door to him.

Sturgess also kept his second relationship mysterious for some time.

Jim Sturgess Dating History

Jim Sturgess receives mail at: I just thought, "I'm going to enjoy every dying second of this. It seems like the year-old star is quite lonely at present.

He likes cigarettes and alcohol. It's simple, he says. However, it seems like Sturgess has gained the strength to overcome the grief as reports claim that he has moved on.

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The pair didn't speak, anything about this matter and neither confirmed the rumors of their break-up. Know about his affairs and dating history Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently?

Who Is Jim Sturgess Dating ?

He attended Salford University, and plays severalinstruments including the piano. Despite Mickey and Jim's split, Mickey still refers to him as his best friend and now Jim has even released his five exclusive songs from the album Tragic Toys and selling the songs to raise money for Mickey's sick relative.

He used to show up on the set with a really bad hangover, he says he's starting to realize that he has a responsibility not to. Anne said she played four different time periods in one day.

Are Jim Sturgess and Bae Doo Na dating?

He smiles at the irony. He has an enormous capacity and commitment to research, which included six months delving into the history of the Soviet gulags and meeting camp survivors for The Way Backdirected by Peter Weir and also based on a book, Slavomir Rawicz's The Long Walk.

Jim Sturgess is a British actor.

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His first love as he says is music. He has managed to combine his love of music with his love of film, co-writing and recording two songs for the soundtrack of Heartless Rawicz was accused of making this story up, and Weir spent years searching for possible escapees, finally discovering documented evidence of three people being accounted for in an Indian hospital who claimed to have come over the Himalayan mountains.