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Isimple aux hook up, thanks johnbob

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The ground wire I just mechanically fastened to the enclosure with a nut and bolt, and the power line I soldered to the back of the protection diode beside the connector. That's what the skewers and tapes were for. Only saw an RCE kit. Sending dsminva a PM to see if his device has Bluetooth Will the iSimple do what I want?

Just one or two screws held the top panel in place.

FM Transmitter & Cassette Adapters

Putting Back the Pieces With accessible power wires, we're ready to put everything back together again. Keep going until it's pulled out completely, past the stereo, just up to the steering wheel. With the panels pulled forward, you have full access to your stereo.

If you are interested in what wires do what, this link seems to describe them.

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Fun fact about these little lichaamstaal flirten spiegelen in word Taking it out of the packaging and pulling it all apart we can see that its connections are an antenna input and output, as well as a pair of wires for power.

I don't need additional features like dvd in motion, etc. The cable that connects the CD unit to the main board just pulls out. Just to be sure, I hooked up the transmitter to the stereo without putting everything in place, just to make sure it all worked. The wires don't seem to get pinched at all if they're bundled and fed through this hole.

This connected me to the constant power line which I thought was most appropriate.

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With everything tidied up, I did one final test before putting all the screws in, and reattaching the strip to the dashboard. If you've used one of those cigarette lighter FM transmitter thingers, you know that they suck, especially around big cities, and when you're on the road it's near impossible to find a frequency that doesn't get interference along the way.

While I know this isn't the ideal solution to the problem, I do think it's the cheapest most practical solution for this car. I done some research in my car an I find that back side window antenna hasn't even plugged in but FM radio works well and from that I conclude that 9V solution covers only one antenna and isn't an option.

Since the Sonata doesn't provide a spare power connection behind the dash, I had to wire up the power on my own.

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Everything looks as good as before, and it even still works! All was good, and a headphone cable can slip out of the top of the glove compartment without getting pinched badly. Next remove the antenna cable.

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I do a lot of long highway trips, and it always seems as though the moment you find a good radio station it starts to fade out. Essentially the system is made up of a microcontroller which handles the LCD screen, buttons, functions, etc. I'd call that a success.

It's not an ideal solution as FM audio bandwidth is limited, and there are always losses involved with encoding and immediately decoding and filtering an FM radio signal.

Okay, with that done, pop open the glove box and remove the two screws that hold in the little silver plastic strip.

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I just want to listen to my Android phone through the radio. I constructed a long skewer with some double-sided tape folded over one end gum doesn't work as well, I've tried. Now remove the two screws on each side of the stereo With that, the stereo should slide forward with ease.

Thanks Mike for supplying these PDFs outlining how to remove the stereo and the connector wiring!

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It's the same idea as those cheap FM transmitters you can buy, however this solution won't experience the same interference from outside stations.

I ran the wires from the box through a hole behind the glove compartment. It can't come too far out, so get ready to remove the power and speaker connector shown below, as well as the antenna connector.

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I lost yet another clip, as you can see here.