I Used LinkedIn as a Dating Site, and It Worked Better Than Real Dating Sites I Used LinkedIn as a Dating Site, and It Worked Better Than Real Dating Sites

Is linkedin good for dating, searching for love on a networking platform

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Present yourself as an expert in that little niche. The illusion of online dating privacy gets whisked away with the use of LinkedIn. Share an article, add to your portfolio, spruce up your summary. Your outfit should mimic something you would wear to an interview, and your pose should be one that conveys your professional attitude, persona, and goals.

Download a dating app - Pick your poison, there are thousands. By Peter Allen Clark is linkedin good for dating EngineerGirl May 13, at 8: You have nothing to lose.

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As stated, it really does lead to self questioning. Women, like men, usually join sites like LinkedIn as opposed to purely socially-oriented sites for job or career related reasons. Courtesy of LinkedUp Our hope is to make this process as smooth and easy for the user to go from creating a profile to actually using the application and finding the person they are interested in.

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It's Awful Imagine receiving an ambiguous business networking inquiry only to find out later it was actually a dating inquiry.

When you ask anyway you are basically overriding her desires for how the site is used.

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Let me ask you this. Should I Do It?

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Who are your target users? You've swiped right on some attractive person. Hence a sense of privilege that you know best in spite of what the woman has posted.

LinkedUp: a dating app for the most professional of networks

Like Uber, but for creepy. You have to spend energy saying no every time it happens. I thought if I knew how to sell products and services, I would have a better understanding of my job as a marketer. And we are grateful for the opportunity to take a break from our jobs to pursue our passions and benefit the community.

Sharing helpful content your connections would find interesting.

However, I want to pursue sales, and to do that, I need to get my messaging right so nothing comes across as flirtation. It's a terrible idea. We also have a room for a tagline, which can tell you a little bit more about the person, like what your interests are or something funny and cute. If I were to opt in, how are the potential matches determined?

I got my foot in the door with Mr. Zillah May 13, at 4: Elizabeth May 13, at 6: Using LinkedIn in this shifty manner might seem far fetched, but it definitely happens.

Diligent searchers can then gain access to Facebook and so much else.

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I just have one small complaint -- LinkedIn is not a dating website. When you went on the dates that you were able to get, did you go into it thinking of the meetings as dates or as networking opportunities?

You can add and remove areas of expertise and control if you want to be included in endorsement suggestions to your connections you definitely do! You can search by industry and school, if you chose. It diminishes the value of the platform. I want to spend energy on my work, not saying no to someone.

Keywords related to the job.

How to Avoid Getting Creepy Messages on LinkedIn

Make it available far and wide to get more mileage from your job search efforts. Hmm, a threesome with the LinkedIn rando and his wife? Interested in learning more on best practices for LinkedIn?