Can India Become a Superpower? Can India Become a Superpower?

Is india a superpower yahoo dating, india can become a superpower, but not before other countries.

Take for example the recent riots in Siliguri by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporters or the recent Gujjar riots that erupted in Rajasthan. April 11, EconomicsRegions India is globally accepted as one of the emerging superpowers of the world.

She is not at all safe. Gender inequalities, female feticide and the treatment meted out to women in rural areas, child marriages, continuing practice of dowry and sati take away the leftover sheen from the Shining India.

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No nation can stand firmly in the race of superpowers if its people do not have the caliber to take decisions and fight against injustice. I am a Pakistani. I might know much about him, but I've heard he is very favorable towards the country and is actually bringing down terrorism and corruption, so props I think.

People have not yet learned to be clean and keep their surroundings clean. The advancement of a few earmarked sectors, growth in science and technology are not just the only factors which make the nation a superpower.

Is india a super power?

In his first year in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was elected on the promise of development, has moved on a number of fronts and has achieved considerable success.

And it is another major roadblock in India becoming a superpower. Poverty is another problem which stares the nation stark in the face.

Superpower, did we say?

India may become a superpower by 2025

And our education system does almost nothing to alleviate the problem. It has an authority. December 28, India is known for many things — a vast history, diverse culture, versatile geography and lately, as one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

Ideas are good but they need to become a reality then only India can emerge as a great nation and run in the race of becoming a superpower.

It is slowly stopping the growth of our country. The authoritarian government of China has been key in achieving historic growth rates.

The third largest standing army of the world belongs to India and all three armed forces — the Army, Navy, and Air Force are equipped with advanced arms and ammunition. This is not a good sign and it does tell that the Indian government could be, at times, selfish and too prideful.

As a whole, Indian Americans are among the highest educated and have some of the highest income among racial and ethnic groups in the U.

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India, on the other hand, is still fighting for implementation of quotas for students and faculty. The Times Of India recently brought to light the fact that the number of illiterate in the country outnumber the population of the whole of United States.

For investments in sectors like Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Communications, Defense, etc. Bureaucracy has ruined the tempo of the industrial development. These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright AP Image caption "We should judge ourselves not against the achievements, real or imagined, of other countries, but in the light of our own norms and ideals" Taking the lead in a special report by the London School of EconomicsMr Guha outlines seven reasons to support his thesis.

More importantly, Mr Guha believes that India should not even attempt to become a superpower. In school books and newspapers, this slogan may seem worth it but you are aware of its truth. Cinema of India India's film industry produces more feature films than any other.

To kick things off, India has a rather picky relationship with Pakistan since their independence in India had to actually import the finished products of the same ore, India should emphasize on its technological powers. Hence, India's neighbors such as China and Pakistan remain distrustful towards India.

India is a migration superpower. Here's why

Corruption has been there in the society always but there were only a few people to be affected now is the case of the whole nation. He has travelled the whole world to woo global investors and the investors are responding.

India's government has recently taken a new stance on the Maoist insurgency, pulling the affected states together to coordinate their response. But because of their greed they become money buglers.

India is a migration superpower. Here's why | World Economic Forum

Optimistic Indians would assert an affirmation but it is time one had a reality check. He accumulated wealth for his family members. Karunanidhi has blown up like a balloon and has put former Tele communication Minister A.

There are a few challenges, though, that India must overcome before it finds global acceptance as a superpower.

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There are many reasons for this surge in growth rates. Almost 2 million more live in the U. I just hope that this post doesn't get any controversial. Corruption is defined as a way of saving wealth for the family and for their personal use. This prevails in small to big issues.