Is ‘Talking British’ That Hard to Understand? Is ‘Talking British’ That Hard to Understand?

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Joe Orton had elocution lessons so that, as he thought, he might succeed as an actor. Johnson himself arrived in London as a young man with a marked Staffordshire accent, only gradually modified as the years went by. A recent comic victim of the doublethink has been Jacob Rees-Mogg, Etonian son of William Rees-Mogg, whose prospects of becoming a Tory politician are rumoured to be sinking because of his anachronistically posh accent.

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Academic studies confirm that, socio-linguistically, Cockney has shared the bottom rung with Scouse, Glaswegian, West Midlands and Belfast. I find it very difficult, and I can catch only a few words like "right", and "kinda". He has become a genitori divorziati yahoo dating of the Daily Telegraph letters column, one correspondent complaining that "an overt form of intimidation exists, directed against anyone who dares to eschew the current, Americanised, mode of behaviour, speech and dress.

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I wouldn't even recognise it as English, were there not the title and other information. This section needs additional citations for verification. Of course, this misses the point - as if the Thames estuary were a distinct region of the country. This is one reason why Scots voices, and to a lesser extent Irish and Welsh ones, are different.

You can communicate with everyone and understand him. It is not posh, or Downton. Did he mention that he got those fancy curtains in the background on sale? Often, lexical differences between Scottish English and Southern Standard English are simply differences in the distribution of shared lexis, such as stay for "live" as in: Many Brits have found him obnoxious.

Here is how Britain spends its early evenings, handily broken down into British accents, far from Downton Abbey.

Scottish English

It was a source of amusement to his literary and theatrical friends. Carmen Muller, Switzerland 'In my opinion the Scottish accent is not more difficult to understand than others, especially in Aberdeen.

This both makes it more difficult to understand him, and suggests that perhaps he is drunk. Can you tell us the news? I was tempted to say that the first video was a bit of a put on but I have to admit that when thinking about it a few Irish, Scottish and English accents strong West country and Geordie have left me equally as baffled -even when talking face to face to that person!!

This is what seems to be changing. In around there was a geographic shift, and Gaelic became mostly confined to the Highlands; whilst in the Lowlands, a different language began to develop distinct from Gaelic — Scots!

Scottish and Welsh – a Celtic Marriage\

Here are other syntactical structures: This section does not cite any sources. Many have argued that it is more than a dialect but not quite reaching a fully fledged language.

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Every UK city has an accent and its own dialect, words and expressions. You can speak with everyone here using standard English language, because the fact is that their language is English indeed!

Beryl Bainbridge declares that "uneducated regional accents", particularly Scouse, should be "wiped out. For many aged over 30 the issue is sharper because of the contrast between Shea's "Estuary English" and the unflinching plumminess of Ian McDonald, Ministry of Defence Spokesman during the Falklands War.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. What a dreich day! But on how he speaks, I hope Corden stands his ground. The location use of this point is being stressed due to the fact that if this were to be used by someone in an area where it is not common, it could be misunderstood or sound strange.

So is the Scottish accent difficult for students? This first step also alerts someone to enunciate better and in a more neutral voice as they will have understood that you have found their accent tough; Scottish people are aware that their accent can be somewhat challenging.

Wed Dec 17, 6: Examples of culturally specific items are Hogmanay ; caberhaggisbothy ; scone ; oatcake ; tablet ; rone roof gutter ; teuchternednumpty witless person; now more common in the rest of the UK and landward rural ; It's your shot for "It's your turn"; and the once notorious but now redundant tawse.

The poor guy must be going spare sorry, that means nuts.

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In other words, it is a much stronger sound than in standardised English. In order to embark on a repertory career, Leonard Rossiter similarly had lessons to get rid of his once-strong working-class Liverpool accent.

Let's go the other extreme - a church minister preaching from his pulpit in this even fairer city of Edinburgh. A middle-class Scottish accent can signify a good education lawyers, doctors.

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The latest edition of Chambers Dictionary defines it as "a form of English influenced by Cockney, spoken in the Thames estuary and surrounding areas". William Wordsworth Cumbrian lad who did not let Cambridge rob him of his northern vowels. There is a range of often anglicised legal and administrative vocabulary inherited from Scots [27] e.

Joe Orton In the early s he took lessons in speaking to rid himself of his Leicester accent. Another distinctive feature is the glottal stop — the blocking of the airway to pronounce the letter T though, in Scottish English the letter T seems to be swallowed by the glottal stop entirely.

At the behest of her PR adviser Gordon Reece, she worked away to remove perceived stridency from her voice.


Sir Walter Raleigh's West Country vowels stood out at courts. The RP that is now challenged only became a dogma in the late 19th century, fostered by the public school system.

Lexical[ edit ] An example of "outwith" on a sign in Scotland Scottish English has inherited a number of lexical items from Scots, [25] which are less common in other forms of standard English. Bear in mind there are even more variations of accents and dialects within the regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, so this very broad.