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In a way I must say this series actually have a much better origin than the original. The big nemesis for Tony, The Mandarin, is made really well, as are all the other enemies as well.

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One that is superior to the original. She's so damn whimsy and talk so much smack with that annoying voice. This series is great!


A great show if you invest beyond the pilot! Also it's a very serialized series which makes it all the more enjoyable when you watch all episodes. Actually the only really bad thing with this series is that damn Pepper Potts.

On the other hand it makes it harder to get into if you're missing episodes. It doesn't screw up the origin, it makes a new one.


Also this series is not at all childish as I expected. This is the first animated series to feature Pepper Potts' alter-ego: The dialogue is really well written and all the voices, except Peppers, is really great.

The pilot is really bad compared to the rest of the series so give it a shot and I'll think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a mature animated show about one of the cooler Marvel characters. Stark owner of Stark Industries because that opens up a lot of story to tell.

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Even though he's depicted as a teenager. It's not something that ruins the show but for me it keeps it from being perfect.

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The animation seems a little bit off in the first episode but as the series progresses it gets much better. It's a strange choice to make Pepper so childish and annoying when everybody else acts so mature.

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But to my disappointment I noticed that the creators had decided to throw away the origin story from the comics and replace it with one where Tony becomes Iron Man as a teenager.

I love the fact that Tony is a minor and two years away from becoming Mr. This was a major turn off for me when that in most cases means a series is adapted solely for smaller audiences.

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This is not one of those cases. The only thing this series is lacking right now is some solid crossovers from other famous marvel characters but I'm sure that'll come. Take it from someone who really dislikes it when they screw up origin stories.