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Children enjoyed the rides and were provided with a little sapling as a token of remembrance of the place. Today's special session was conducted by the famous Clinical Psychologist Dr. Post the skit valuable facts on labor day were shared by the students.

The students have a series of interesting activities to widen the horizons of their knowledge. Design will exist for as long as humans are on this planet.

Bahrain Indian School, Budaiya

Let's hurry up,I can't wait. During his reign, the school grew from a strength of to a strength of The academic year begins in indian school bahrain girls dating first week of April, with summer and winter breaks in July—August and December respectively.

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They stood 4th in the Junior under 18 event. Haritha attended the Fest.

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It was indeed an elated moment for the sub- staff members indian school bahrain girls dating the School Management gave cards to them honoring their hard work and dedication towards duty. I really can't wait,there is so much to do. Red day was celebrated in Bahrain Indian School to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colors.

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It was moved from another pace quite recently. It was an open house initiative aimed at inviting the students to visit the campus and get first-hand information on the research output of each department. The nationals took four medals in total 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze in four of the eight age categories during the four-day tournament.

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It is a very creative process and requires flirtey drone delivery by amazon skills, talent and lots of hard work. Pr-Kg kiddos enjoying their learning with the help of the craft where the students painted the alphabet along with sticking of the objects.

Saji Jacob and Coordinator Dr. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright,lively and cheerful. Student life[ edit ] The school serves Kindergarten and Grades 1 through Some for me and some for you Here are the few glimpses But not before,a hug,a kiss and I love you.

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The park includes a play area for children, well-equipped with all rides and games. Before joining the school inhe served as the Principal of International Indian School Tabuk for 6 years.

Around 40 BIS students and faculty under the guidance of Mr.

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Also a zoo is there in this park where children spotted wild dogs, alligators, African eagles, ostriches and other birds and animals.

It is spread over an area of Square meters 9 acres and includes class rooms, two tennis courts, a large playground,science labs, a basketball court, a volleyball court, canteen, a library, 3 computer labs, arts room and faculties room.

On account of this kindergartners of BIS are celebrating healthy week.

Indian School Bahrain

Prior to this Mr. Here is the fruity treat to all of you!!!!!!!!! I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Let's peak in to their gallery. The seminar was held at the Carlton Hotel, Adiliya.

A tranquil environment prevailing in the campus is conducive to creativity and learning. Spring means happy times and good sunshine, with a picnic planned for, it means going to a farm and rejuvenate with joy and unlimited fun.

Afsar Khan was the fourth principal of the school who joined in and remained at the helm of its affairs till Mohammed were the first and second principals respectively when the school was located at the old airport road.

Like last year, this year too, the little ones, BIS young spellers proved their hidden talent and spelling caliber through the journey of Spell Bee, Besides showing love for the planet and its environment, students created innovative designs with encouraging slogans conveying the message of reducing, reusing and recycling the wastage, stop felling of trees, stop using plastics, take proper care of the plants and try to plant trees and lives.

There were broad smiles on the faces of the young ones while sticking the pictures of their loved ones!!!!! Asma Shah is the Principal incharge of the Girls Section.

BIS students brought laurels in dfferent categories. Special care is taken to develop a strong character and desirable values in all children. Under the umbrella of the farm, the Farmers are growing various plants like bananas, mulberries, blueberries, lettuces, tomatoes etc.

It was an overwhelming joyous occasion for the students of BIS. Today is the first day of kindergarten for me. Here is the glimpse of this proud moment Got my school bag ,my lunch and even a pear.

Bahrain Girls -

You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again, that is the way life is, with a new game everyday. Red illuminates the air with energy,vigor and exuberance.

Manzar Jamal Siddiqui, an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University, was appointed as the school principal. Hemanth Narghese and Mr. I'm so excited and cannot wait.

The New Indian School WLL

Siddiqi of Hyderabad was the third principal of the school when the school was based in Sulaimaniya. The main objective of this competition was to engross the hidden talent of the students. History[ edit ] The school was founded on 9 October as Embassy of India School, Riyadh EISR to cater to the educational requirements of the children of Indian expatriate community working in and around Riyadh city.

The Principal, who is at the helm of academic and co-curricular activities, is the motivator, facilitator and coordinator of this organization.

The school has been following a semester pattern of exams since before which a trimester pattern was followed. Ritu Verma, Principal Mr. They are tasty,they are sweet!!!! Students in Bahrain seemed to be facing a great deal of emotional stress on account of education.

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On Second day they made healthy fruit salad. The students showed their abilities through art where in they expressed their feelings in the form of quotations, paintings, sketch etc. The school has its own fleet of buses to transport students and staff from home to school and back, as well as private buses.

Red is the colour of love and smiles All the students participated and performed well.