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The trip, of course, does not go as planned, and ends up becoming a tour of the United States.

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They are asked to stay the night. Mel's adoptive parents are arrested while his biological parents escape to Mexico. While Mel and Tina become close, Nancy finds herself flirting with Tony, who returns the compliment, causing friction.

They attempt to escape and decide to take Mel's car, hiding their supply of acid in the trunk. When they change their minds again and make a blind U-turn, the two families crash. First, Mel is introduced to Valerie, a blond Scandinavian woman with Confederate roots whose twin daughters are at least six inches taller than Mel.

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The trip through rural New Mexico is fraught with more problems. Tina locates the current address of Mel's biological parents, which turns out to be in rural New Mexico. This leads to a run-in with two ATF agents, Tony and Paul, who are gay and in a relationship with each other. After an adoption agency employee locates his biological mother's name in a databaseMel decides to meet her personally.

At last the whole crowd descends on the front porch of Mel's true biological parents, Richard and Mary Schlichting. Not realizing what has happened Mel recounts the stories from dinner to Nancy and they agree to name the baby Garcia.

Flirting with Disaster

Meanwhile, Nancy becomes jealous as Tina and Mel begin to flirt. A montage of their relationships continues over the credits. However, when he discovers that Mel might be his son, he becomes instantly friendly and lets Mel drive his semi-trailer truckwhich Mel immediately crashes into a Post Office building.

Charges are dismissed, and Fritz Boudreau tells Mel that he is not Mel's father, but only handled Mel's adoption because Mel's biological parents were indisposed.

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They all still have their troubles but Mel and Nancy are happy together. Tony and Paul surprise everyone by deciding to tag along on the trip. Mel and Nancy have just had their first child, and Mel won't decide on a name for their son until he can discover the identity of his biological parents.

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The man, Fritz Boudreau, turns out to be a trucker with a violent streak. They quickly realize that Valerie is not Mel's biological mother, and Tina scrambles to get the correct information from the agency database. Next, the group heads to Battle Creek, Michigan with the hope of meeting the man whose name appears as the person who delivered infant Mel to the adoption agency.

The next day Paul explains the situation and is able to get Mel's parents released, and they are happy and reassured to hear Mel call them his parents. While Richard and Mary are more than welcoming, Mel's biological brother Lonnie is overly rude and jealous.

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In his drugged state Paul tries to arrest Richard and Mary but Lonnie knocks him out with a frying pan. Tina, the sexy but highly incompetent adoption agency employee, decides to accompany Mel, Nancy, and the newborn on a trip to San Diego to meet Mel's biological mother.

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It is discovered that Tony and Nancy went to high school together. Mel's adoptive parents arrive but then change their minds and decide to leave, taking the wrong car. It is during dinner that Mel discovers that Richard and Mary had to let Mel be adopted because they were in jail for making and distributing LSD in the late s.