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Those from Kourna know of my work. She would strike at the very gods next! I hope you have better representatives, Suhl.

Trial By Fire

What exactly was the Sunspears' involvement? At any rate if you are a WW2 fan, or otherwise a person who likes to study war and the politics behind it then you will like the episode. Just fast forward through the first 50 seconds and pretend it never happened. Boy, good thing I sent someone in my place.

Seems she isn't here.

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I don't look like a corsair? The dramatic documentary is very well produced with high production value and quality, and the reenactments are well done too. The start of a great series 13 June by jimlacy — See all my reviews When I first heard of this series I wasn't sure I wanted to see it as I'm personally more interested in WW2 and not very much WW1 history.

I say it because in all the years of fighting I have never experienced more evil than what Kahyet, and by association Varesh, released at Fahranur. Have to take a point off however for the blunder of having the episode start off with Barack Obama stoically reading some speech off a teleprompter talking about the importance of the wars, etc.

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Koss [ edit ] Koss: Were you not exiled from your own village for causing trouble at the waterworks, a project that keeps our crops growing, putting more food on the table for all Kourna?

To compare him with a leader that actually had some backbone like Churchill is shameful and ludicrous. The First City of Fahranur was the home of the original Sunspears, back in dynastic times. Was this review helpful to you?

That could have been my body left to rot in the crypts.

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Kormir ordered it excavated. A spit in the face to the people that actually fought and died for freedom from a sociopathic politician that is actively plotting and trying to take freedom away from USA citizens. I'm not a corsair!

You're scarcely more than a corsair yourself.

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Witness dialogue[ edit ] Upon selecting a witness as a representative, following dialog is spoken for each of the selectable witnesses: We responded to the evil that was released. Without us the Apochrypha. Makes me question if the writers of this story really understood how Germany's war came about at a deep enough level.

Does anyone see Tahlkora?

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This evidence is clearly a bit lacking. Was this supposed to be some sort of irony to compare one socialist Hitler to the modern one?

So far it's actually more about WW2.