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NLP based search Problem Statement: Use this for reporting and visualization. Dating and finding a match on Deaf Dating is fun and painless. Given a set of data for multiple years; identify the data sets pertaining to the same information, merge them, clean up any extraneous or duplicates and store them as a single data set.

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We know that the best solutions to some of the greatest issues young people face will be voiced by students themselves.

Now at ideathon online dating time of discharge, it takes hours of sending emails back and forth between H and IC before the settlement comes. To develop a web-based platform for colleges to showcase their student's profile.

Alcohol drinking and smoking at the venue is strictly prohibited. Given the production and price trends of teas produced in different countries, as well how to use white label dating sites climatic data to be sourced from public databuild a solution to predict production and price expected for the year.

The applications can range from standard web systems, to a mobile-app, to a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service SaaS.

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The Caravan Theatre joined us during Welcome Week where they hosted 10 minute theatre productions on gender, equality and every day sexism. A key issue that HeForShe is focused on is ending violence on campuses worldwide. One of the most frustrating aspects of a game of golf is the lost balls.

The proposed solution is for fabricators who creates replica of solid objects using sheet metals. Placement officers can use this platform to capture the curricular and extracurricular skills of the students.

With thousands of Deaf Dating ready to mingle and date, you are sure to find a diverse community of Deaf Dating to share your interests, values and life experiences with.

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Insurance as a Service for Healthcare Problem Statement: There are a number of devices available in the market, but accurate devices are very expensive. Last minute request for various accessories will not be allowed. To develop an IoT driven parking lot management system for drivers to check the availability of parking spaces in a parking facility.

Simultaneously CC alerts nearby hospital and A will be notified about that hospital. According to YouthSightone in three female students and one in eight male students have been sexually assaulted or abused on university campuses in the UK.

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LIVE Discovery is an environment friendly event and hence request all the team and its members to judiciously use the resources for the event and minimize the wastage. Uber model for ambulances where ambulance A driver declares his availability through an App which will reflect in a centralised console of a call centre CC.

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And when they do decompose, they release toxins, including heavy metals, into the environment, very often into water bodies. Miniature self-driving car Problem Statement: If the SaaS platform is available, the P can be notified to pay the remaining amount.

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When an accident occurs, anyone should be able to reach the CC through a phone number or through WhatsApp. Code bot Problem Statement: At the same time the customers and the manufacturers are separated by vast distances. Why sign up for Deaf Dating? Road accidents have been major issue in India with catastrophic impact in terms of death and devastation.

Such categories include gender, age, profession, biker, religion, race, location and more. Men can be victims as well as women.

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A dashboard showing date-wise and region-wise mapping of sentiments with respect to the topic. Taxonomy needs to be built up.

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You too can be our next success story. A minimum viable product that can be tested in a small environment. The proposed system will solve this problem by giving people an option to check the availability before going there.

The launch invited students to: The solution should provide predictions and visualization of the same.