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Development of Canada's ice roads in general, and of commerce along the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road in particular Building the road and outfitting trucks to drive along it The truckers' personal motivations for working in the Arctic and comparisons between there and Yellowknife Each group's opinions about the other northern and southern drivers Truckers' comments about key events of the season: Tilcox is ultimately cleared of responsibility and, after a delay, allowed back on the road.

This hour presented highlights from the first season and gave a preview of things to come in the second one. Saunders is the operations manager for E. These are the men who make their living on thin ice. In the series premiere, Sherwood states: A veteran driver in Inuvik, Kelly works for Matco Transportation, the second company that hires Sherwood shortly after the season begins.

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On the Edge premiered on September 9,continuing the discussion and exploring the truckers' lives during the off season. In the final episode of the first season, Rowland's luck finally ran out when his truck was sideswiped by another trucker on the ice road, knocking a driving axle e bass testsieger dating the chassis.

Off the ice[ edit ] Premiered on September 21, Fitch is a projects manager for Tli Cho Landtran, responsible for scheduling client loads. A natural gas exploration site set up by MGM Energy ; later found to contain no significant deposits, whereupon the entire camp is moved 50 miles to Langley see below.

Westgard is also a year-round resident of Yellowknife. Like Dufresne, he frequently pulls heavier-than-average loads.

Tweed ice road truckers flirting with disaster song a dispatcher for Tli Cho Landtran in Yellowknife. Yemm is known for being hard on the trucks by constantly beating on them.

He states in the season premiere that he will never send someone else to do a job that he is not willing to do himself. DelineNorthwest Territories: His job is to set up and hire all the drivers and trucks for the winter road, and to monitor and police the drivers on the road so that rules are not violated and the truckers are not kicked off the road.

This ji hyo and joong ki dating after divorce experience almost caused him to quit driving the ice road right then and there.

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He has worked most of his life as a truck driver in the logging industry, with some actual logging experience as well. The final regular episode premiered on September 7, One of Rowland's employees. Rowland's truck is called "The Crow's Nest" and is kept in good condition, as was Yemm's truck, besides the heater as seen throughout the season.

Sherwood is a veteran trucker but an ice road rookie. Brown grew up in Montreal and began driving trucks in ; he has worked the ice roads since InYemm was one of the first truckers onto the ice road after it opened when, according to him, the sound of cracking ice was loudest.

Rowland, Debogorski, Sherwood, and Yemm take part as "highway maggots" rookies on this roadworking alongside the more experienced drivers. After White left, Sherwood drove his truck.

In the season premiere, he describes an incident from the previous year in which his truck broke through the ice. A gold mine that stopped production in and is now undergoing environmental cleanup.

What happened?

He responded to an ad that Rowland placed and was hired as part of his crew after a seven-year absence from ice road trucking. Debogorski has 11 children and nine grandchildren, and is a year-round resident of Yellowknife. Murray is an officer for Secure Check, the organization responsible for security and rules enforcement on the ice road.

Due to the poor condition of the road at this time, he must contend with hazards such as breaks in the surface and water overflows from beneath the ice.

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He began driving trucks at age 16 and owned his first truck by age 18; at the time of his introduction on IRT, Westgard had acquired a reputation as a driver who excels in hauling oversized loads.

The manager of Matco's Inuvik branch office, Fedosoff was born in Saskatchewan and raised between the fields of Saskatchewan and the city of Montreal. He decided to continue, however, remarking, "I was too stupid and too stubborn to quit. This was a major source of tension between Rowland, the truck's owner, and Yemm, who expected Rowland to take care of the problem so that he could continue hauling loads without risking severe frostbite.

As stated in Season 1, since he has been a staple driving the ice roads, it is something of a good-luck charm for Debogorski to pull the first load over the ice roads at the beginning of every season. The trucks driven by Sherwood and White had a multitude of mechanical problems. A foreman on the Northwind ice road construction crew, he looks after the trucks when the road is closed, and also stands ready to respond to any distress calls that come in.

Early on he struggles with an older truck that lacks heat, but another driver grants Tilcox the use of his brand new Volvo truck leased to Trinity Transport.

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Specials[ edit ] Three additional one-hour specials ran in the weeks following "The Final Run". Yemm ultimately quit and returned home, feeling his friend was not fulfilling his responsibilities to maintain the trucks. Equipment from the Colomac Mine is being transferred here to assist workers with the cleanup.

Sherwood's hard luck, unfortunately, did not stop there, and he was plagued with a frustrating amount of mechanical problems. After the accident Tilcox is injured while tying down a load, and several days later experiences severe abdominal pain which becomes so bad that he has to be flown out to receive medical care.

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Now that the cleanup is finished, truckers including Debogorski are being called in to haul away equipment. The road takes them up the Mackenzie River and over parts of the Arctic Oceanvisiting Aput and Later Langley rigs with long stretches in which drivers are out of radio contact.

He rides with Sherwood on a training run to help him get used to driving the Arctic ice roads. MGM's second and last exploration site of the year; proves to hold sizable deposits. The expense of his treatment is highlighted on the show as a cause of concern for Tilcox.

In one episode, Yemm is seen bouncing up and down, pumping the accelerator pedal up and down, and messing with the steering wheel, all the while facing the camera and saying "yee-haw motha fucker!

A year-old native of Montrealnow a resident of Faro, Yukonwith 26 years of experience on this ice road. As a result, he is often entrusted with loads that are heavy or hard to handle, such as a derrick in the season premiere.

Off the Ice premiered on September 2,bringing all six truckers together for a chance to express their thoughts about the job and each other.

Ice Road Truckers

Tilcox has been trucking since age 16 and decided to try ice road trucking after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. Support personnel[ edit ] Tom Tweed: The "truck push" for Mullen Transportation, he takes responsibility for the truckers' safety and delivery of their loads.

A small hamlet, on the Mackenzie River delta, that depends on the ice road for delivery of needed supplies. Route and destinations[ edit ] The Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk.