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In Catholic canon law[ edit ] Main article: Disco Bear sadly looks at his large stomach and groans. When Russell's head is cut in half, a small part of his teeth is on the right part of his head.

However, when he does the moonwalk kalkulator oc w pzu online dating on, he is farther away. Once again, he tries to impress them, and just like before and as always, they ignore him. The weight Toothy is lifting becomes too much for him, and he is decapitated when the weight falls on his neck.

On the sidewalk, Nutty, Handy, and Russell stand next to each other.

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Ipso facto is a Latin phrase, directly translated hypto facto flirting body "by the fact itself", [1] which means that a specific phenomenon is a direct consequence, a resultant effect, of the action in question, instead of being brought about by a previous action.

He drinks some water from a sports bottle, but accidentally spills water on the treadmill's controls after another failed attempt of trying to impress Giggles and Petunia.

He gets tired and hungry after a while and proceeds to eat all but three of the hot dogs for lunch. When Handy falls dead, his hat doesn't fall off.

The front part of Handy's skull is crushed by flying chunks of concrete. As a result, the treadmill starts moving backwards, and the speed just keeps on increasing.

Uninterested, hypto facto flirting body just roll their eyes and sigh, trying to ignore him. Toothy is decapitated when a large barbell falls on his neck.

The treadmill runs over and crushes Sniffles, who is spotting for Toothy.

Ipso Facto | Definition of Ipso Facto by Merriam-Webster

Goofs Lumpy had more of a starring role. He starts off in a meat locker where he punches a side of beef like it is a punching bag. The Mole, shopping for a watermelon, picks up Disco Bear's head, and mistaking it for a watermelon, places it on a scale. The sound Russell makes when he dies sounds unusually high for his voice.

Later, they are both shown on a road, but the previous view had them both on a sidewalk with no road in view. Disco Bear then rides his bike to the cafe where, as usual, he begins attempting to impress Giggles and Petunia with his disco moves.

A common English idiom with a similar meaning is " in and of itself ". Handy then sighs in relief and cheers at his luck, ignoring the fact that his friends are dead. It indicates that the effect follows even if no verdict in Latin, sententia is pronounced by an ecclesiastical superior or tribunal.

Part 1 At least Disco Bear's head isn't overweight. Disco Bear was shown on the road with the runaway treadmill but ended up on the sidewalk headed toward Lumpy. Latae sententiae Ipso facto denotes the automatic character of the loss of membership in a religious body by someone guilty of a specified action.

Unfortunately, Cuddles, the driver of the car, is distracted by this and crashes into a tree, where his body is forced through a knothole.

Ipso facto

There were a few scenes where the treadmill platform isn't shown to be moving at all. While Shifty has regular dots for pupils, Lifty has Pac-man pupils. He eventually falls backwards on Disco Bear's bicycle parked outside, breaking his back before falling over, paralyzed.

Is it time to whip Disco Bear into shape? Lumpy's attempt to slow down his wheelchair sliding down a hill results in him losing both of his arms due to the friction. One concrete chunk slams onto Handy's face, leaving a giant hole on his face. Injuries Lumpy breaks his back after tripping and falling backwards onto a bike.

Russell's hat and shirt are sliced in half by shards of glass.

Ipso facto - definition of ipso facto by The Free Dictionary

DVD Plot Disco Bear wakes up in his high-tech disco home, going through his daily routine of dancing and primping his hair. Lumpy's wheelchair is crushed after hitting the stone wall. One of Lumpy's severed arms hits Flaky on the back of her head. Disco Bear grabs a menu and looks through the fatty breakfast foods, but, remembering his weight problem, he reluctantly grabs a banana from a fruit bowl.

Lumpy and Disco Bear are slapped with numerous tree branches, even though they aren't near any trees. Aside from its technical uses, it occurs frequently in literature, particularly in scholarly addenda: The treadmill breaks through the glass walls of the gym, sending Disco Bear out into the streets with glass shards flying in the air.

Hypto Facto

The scene cuts to Flaky and Cro-Marmot standing next to each other at a bus stop. Suddenly, Disco Bears' treadmill passes by and crushes Cub into a bloody mess, leading to a distressed Pop yelling at his blunder.

He then boogies on over to his bathroom scale to weigh himself and is shocked to find the needle pointing in the red zone, in other words, he is overweight. When Lifty and Shifty stole the meat, they didn't swing back. Toothy and Sniffles' blood is orange.