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How to hook up car speakers to pc, share your voice

See the attached image for an example. See the attached picture for an example of the correct connector. Some receivers have three sets of outputs, some only two.

But when I shut my car off and then turn it back on my amp comes up with the red light protection error every time after. I want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol….

How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

Il y a 2 ans Previous video: Then try playing a song with some bass and you should hear it coming out the sub. Il y a 8 mois Hi Guys here is the new video: Many times, the sound card jacks will be color coded, which how to hook up car speakers to pc you to determine the proper speaker jack, especially when hooking up speakers to different computer models.

Just turn the volume way down on whatever is sending the signal. And they have so many variations! Frank June 22, at Video of the Day Step Unpack all of the equipment for your computer's wireless speakers.

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Plug the power supply into the wall and switch it on. Now loosen the three power screws on your amp. Those will be designed to do the tuning and tweaking themselves, making it a much simpler install. With this processor you also have the option of using a digital aux in so for a dedicated super high fidelity source, you can use an iPod running through a high quality digital to analog convertor straight into the processor.

This way you're effectively dividing the charge on each wire and sometimes making it easier on your PSUif it works correctly.

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TXHEN1 Il y a 6 ans installing a subwoofer and amplifier to my computer and showing you guys how its done. The example attached to this step wouldn't be sufficient with its pathetic 18 amp peak power.

Best flirty dirty text messages can include pictures if needed. I did it all with a little hard work and wal mart. So adding a sub is not just about adding more and deeper bass; rather, a properly integrated subwoofer can improve the overall sound of the system.

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Either way, you need some speaker cable to do it. Annie February 4, at 5: Then tape it in with masking tape or some other tape that will hold it in.

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So whichever route you decide to go, make sure you go to an experienced installer who knows what a frequency sweep is, a scope is, and what an RTA is and make sure he knows how to use them because you really need all three to set up a processor correctly in a vehicle like this.

One last thing about amps: You may need to make them longer too. Like a positive one side of sub and negative on other side of factory sub? Plug the power cord from the speakers into an electrical socket and turn the speakers on.

With many aftermarket headunits, they have sub volume control so you can lower the subs volume and turn up the other speakers or vice versa. By the way, it would sound way better with an aftermarket head unit, just an FYI.

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I have no idea why. Annie February 5, at 1: Or do i need to upgrade to a bigger one before i hook it up? Il y a 2 ans Thanks to Mayflower Electronics: It already has 2 factory subs under the seats.

Hope to hear a response.

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I think maybe you just mean running along side with rear speakers operating. See the attached diagram.

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February 4, at 5: After that simple setup your amp will now turn on as soon as you plug the power supply in and switch it on.

McManaway has also been a writer and editor since With both the receiver and the transmitter on, your computer will automatically begin sending audio information to the wireless speakers, which you will hear immediately.

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I like to bring the sub's volume up to the point where I just start to hear the bass filling out the speakers' sound, but some listeners prefer more pronounced bass fullness.

There is a method to the madness; if you unplug all your drives and your video card, you should be able trace all the wires back to 2 or 3 bunches unless you have a modular PSU, in which I'm not sure how this would workyou'll want to connect the amp to as many bunches as you can. Or just the basic head unit?

Let me know what happened. It's so low because they split the normal 12 volt rail into two. Had 4 wires going to that one sub.

How Do I Hook Up My Car Speakers To An Amp

It depends heavily on the model and brand of wireless speakers that you've purchased. Plug your wireless transmitter's power cable into a wall outlet.

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And if you ever did want to change the stereo, keep a look out for Alpine and iDatalink. You can take the speaker leads off the back of the stock stereo and route them directly to your amp.

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So instead of using those connections, we'll use the subwoofer's speaker-level, aka "high-level," inputs. Basically, you need more professional, more experienced shop to help you.

Rob G February 4, at 6: Wrap electrical tape around the end of the red wire and do not strip it. With small speakers with 4-inch or smaller woofers, you'll set the sub's crossover frequency at Hz or higher, and with speakers with 5-inch or larger woofers, 80Hz or lower.

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Do I have to splice the LOC on both subs or just one? Remove your side panel unless your using an independent PSU Step 2: The blue wire is actually the spare 2 inch black one you cut before, I just made it blue to distinguish it better.

Dante June 26, at Bill January 29, at 9: I want to keep the look of my truck stock so I may swap out the stock door speakers, tweeters, and center speaker.