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Strong Where to find him: Talking to her starts the "Jewel of the Commonwealth" quest, but this quest is still not quite done! Nothing of any real note however, aside from some museum memos. There are 12 potential companions, but — without going into spoiling territory — there are reasons why some of them are not available for romance.

Electric foot massager online dating the quest is complete talk to Curie and claim you are Vault-Tec Security, which will unlock her as a companion.

Nearby is a blue house with a collapsed roof you can enter. If omitted, the file names will consist only of one or more digits, followed by the ". A New Home Go ahead and head back to the Museum of Freedom now bring your Power Armor along and leave it for now at the entrance to the museum. If you notice that food or defense or some other stat is dipping too low, pay a visit to that location.

Head back outside and back to the museum, but go north-east down the road now. If you really want to harness all the benefits of widening your reach, follow the Minutemen questline.

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Upon completion of the quest, Hancock will take a leave of absence from his duties as mayor to travel with you. Combat Zone Special Perk: Also watch for cameras and microscopes, both of which provide crystal components.

You are now tasked with meeting back up with Preston, but before you do that you have an optional area you can explore.


Preston Garvey Where to find him: All of those can be directly influenced by building the appropriate items. Sometimes settlers don't do what you want them to; when that happens, just highlight one in Workshop mode and press A to assign. He will likely take out Dogmeat and rush up to you, but keep on the attack and use VATS once he gets close to take him down.

Try it out when you wish. Just be sure to keep track of how your settlements are doing.

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You can actually back-step slightly to avoid most of his attacks, but he can also rush in and grab you, doing damage and throwing you aside.

ToggleMenus or tm — Toggles UI overlay display including console. Museum of Freedom, Concord Quest: You first encounter him as part of the Synth Retention mission, attempting to capture a rogue synth model.

There is a 10mm Pistol in here as well, but the real goodies will be in the trunks. Piper is a Diamond City-based journalist who runs the Publick Occurrences newspaper.

The building system in Fallout 4 is wonky at its best.

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First and foremost, to the left on a desk is the all-important Perception Bobblehead. Preston and his Mechanic, Sturges, will tell you how his group has done since coming to Concord hint: Screenshot is stored in the root "Fallout4. It initially started as a simple house build for my character and over time it just grew and grew.

Food is a special case in that the only thing you need to plant a crop is the thing you'd harvest from it.

Stage 1: Demonstrate Value

Skip the door here for right now and head to the bridge where you killed the Raider you can loot them now. Next up there are several worthwhile things to find in Concord itself.

East of this house you can spot a campsite in a parking lot, where a random encounter will spawn. Exit the way you came and continue north-west.

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Useful when exploring underwater regions. Looking to add a little something extra to your game? Dogmeat loves you unconditionally, so to unlock his special skill you need to spend a skill point on the Perk Chart. Go there and do what needs to be done no spoilers.

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Once you've got a healthy supply of those materials, plus steel, ceramic and rubber all of which are easy to findbuild the radio beacon and then a small generator to live next to it.

If you gain maximum affinity with Codsworth by being nice and generous to people around you, you can unlock his Robot Sympathy perk. It has a large area to build in and multiple intact houses relatively speaking make it easy to give settlers a comfortable place to live without forcing you to dive in immediately with the construction tools.