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The majority of the scripts are dedicated to pursuing the internal foibles of the characters, and if a rv hookups in port aransas tx map wanders in at the edge of the screen, all the better for a bit of levity amidst the existential darkness.

Here comes one of them: You would never expect such a deep, mournful and rude analysis of Bojack. But this is business as usual, really. Now, sequestering a bunch of celebrities in one place does not guarantee success something I wish Stallone would figure out.


However I was immediately hooked on the exposition. The power of this series is the contrast of what we see a cartoon and what we learn watching it I think the writers started out thinking they were writing a comedy with dramatic elements.

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In the end Bojack Horseman is one of my favorite shows. I thought it was the first but apparently S02E01 is the same Episode and I think you liks there are kind of mixed up. Very good stuff and glad its been renewed for a second series.

Give Bojack some space, and you'll find one of the freshest shows of the year.

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I can feel characters' real struggle to balance their life and it feel so relatable. Going into it I expected not much more than an animal gimmick about the over used drunk and depressed character.

Surprisingly the animation was better than the art by quite a bit, I fell in love with the intro. Touches sensetive subjects and does great job at it.

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What's important is that Bojack does find itself as the season progresses, and there's something really new and interesting here. The jokes, puns, references, and writing are some of the best I've ever seen.

Animated pilots are typically sub- par. Somewhere along the way, they realized it was the reverse. In my opinion a show goes stale when you can predict what's coming next based on the setup, the more obvious the worse the writing is.

It tells probably the most important message about life. The characters are memorable and relatable.

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Folders on BoJack's laptop: To me this is one of the most powerful series I've seen in a while only the first episodes in the second season could be better!

Weak Pilot, But Stick Around Tompkins, Kristen Schaal, and others give the material it's due. Although it does have many laughs through the series it still has serious moments and some sad moments too which I thought gave Bojack more depth as a character.

It uses the typical comedy formula that is used in a lot of comedies now which is escalation. Even if I didn't laugh at many of the jokes, I could only appreciate their beauty and enjoy them that much more.

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A really good show. I recommend it to any adult. Many of the references are obscure and clever, some are pretty obvious, but whether you get them or not, they're there and googling a few of them gave me a hearty chuckle.

Bojack Horseman is funny and profound, and I love it. Plus Aaron Paul's performance wasn't very convincing. And then there's the Netflix money.

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Factual errors It's actually not anatomically possible for a horse to throw up. What's more, the world finally lives up to the glorious surrealism of the opening sequence, throwing some very human failings in stark relief with a world bizarrely populated by anthropomorphic animals.

It goes over and satirizes some very real and very stupid topics that we see everyday. BoJack Horseman We know about 2 Goofs. Very entertaining and funny if you give it a chance. Here's hoping for season 2, because I'm fairly certain the best of Bojack is yet to come. The ending, likely the part that will stick with me, was one of the best I've ever seen.

Covers important issues both for young adults and more mature people.

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By the end of season 1, the five principal characters are pretty well- drawn and acted- fully fleshed beings. With Bojack I felt this way many times, but was always continually entertained without disappointment. The character manages to not be at all like the viewer but also very relatable to the same time in the observations he makes about life.

See Full Comment When I initially read the summary of what the series was I was excited because of my love for 90's style cartoons and I thought that it was a strange enough concept that might just work.

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Overall I thought that the series is defiantly worth watching, especially for fans of comedies such as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If there was a downside it's that the art was pretty plain, there wasn't anything special or memorable in the way things were drawn.

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That you don't get any second chances, and that the best choices you can make is being good to the people around you. See, the pilot is incredibly mediocre and, as others have pointed out, leverages the joke format of other tried and true animated shows.

When I started watching it I thought it was a tad slow but I guess they have to establish which character is which and give a little personality of each character so I'll forgive it for that but when the series got going I couldn't stop laughing. Arnett, in particular, as Bojack manages to take on equine form and make me forget Arrested Development's Gob almost entirely; no mean feat.