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Results are returned in z-order. You can stop the enumeration of visual objects at any time in the hit test callback function by returning Stop. However, there are several scenarios in which you may need to implement hit testing at the visual layer. You can safely modify the visual tree after the HitTest method returns.

After fighting with this for a while and not really finding anything I decided to try and solve this some other way. HitPoint ' Perform custom actions during the hit test processing, ' which may include verifying that the point actually ' falls within the rendered content of the visual.

This applies if you are hit testing non- UIElement objects, such as DrawingVisual or graphics objects. Clear ' Set up a callback to receive the hit test result enumeration. In the documentation I found this gem: In this case, the canvas element is the common ancestor of both the button element and the drawing visual.

For example, if you were interested in hit testing both the button element and drawing visual in the following diagram, you would have to set the starting point in the visual tree to the common ancestor of both.


You can hit test against the entire visual tree, or any portion of it. The visual object at the top-most z-order level is the first object enumerated. I found very little info on the MonthCalendar control on Google, which became one of the reasons I decided to write this article.

This applies when you need to hit test against multiple objects, such as overlapping objects. HitTest myCanvas, pt ; if result! The hit test callback function is called by the system when the coordinate value you specify is contained in a visual object.

This allows you to ignore parts of the visual hittest not called dating that you are not interested in processing in your hit test results. In the following code example, the filter skips labels and their descendants and hit tests everything else.

If the point is not contained with the visual sub-tree you are hit testing, HitTest returns null. Diagram of a visual tree hierarchy Note The IsHitTestVisible property gets or sets a value that declares como crear una red virtual date a UIElement -derived object can possibly be returned as a hit test hittest not called dating from some portion of its rendered content.

Stop; ' Set the behavior to stop enumerating visuals. In the following illustration, the circle object is on top of both the square and triangle objects. Hit testing against multiple objects: However, the visual object that you pass as the parameter to the HitTest method determines which portion of the visual tree that will be hit test.

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WriteLine "Number of Visuals Hit: By using the PointHitTestParameters parameter value in your overridden HitTestCore method as the parameter to the base method HitTestCoreyou can perform actions based on a hit of the bounding rectangle of a visual object, and then perform a second hit test against the rendered content of the visual object.

After you perform the actions, you return a HitTestResultBehavior value that determines whether to continue the enumeration of any other visual objects or not. Hit testing against non- UIElement objects: This allows you to identify all visual objects, even those that may be partly or wholly obscured by other visual objects.

Because it sure feels like climbing up a tree ass-first. The visual object parameter identifies the starting point in the visual tree for the hit test search.

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Continue End Function Note The order of enumeration of hit visual objects is by z-order. Diagram of valid hit test region Hit Testing and Z-Order The Windows Presentation Foundation WPF visual layer supports hit testing against all objects under a point or geometry, not just the top-most object.

But when reading the documentation for MonthCalendar I started to suspect that implementing these red warnings might not be so easy after all. This allows you to selectively alter the visual tree to determine which visual objects are involved in a hit test.

You may want to provide a data structure, such as an ArrayListto store values during the hit test results enumeration. The code would look like this: Adding or removing an object from the visual tree while it is being traversed can result in unpredictable behavior.

The coordinate value you pass as the point parameter for the HitTest method has to be relative to the coordinate space of the visual object you are hit testing against.

I do not claim that the stuff outlined below is the right way to mod the control.

We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

This means that when you invoke the HitTest method, your overridden implementation of HitTestCore is called. To enumerate visual objects in a visual tree use the HitTest method with a hit test callback function. During the hit test results enumeration, you should not perform any operation that modifies the visual tree.

Any other visual objects enumerated are at decreasing z-order level.

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Step 1 — Checking the documentation First I created a new control that derived from the MonthCalendar control. Using Default Hit Testing You can identify whether a point is within the geometry of a visual object, by using the HitTest method to specify a visual object and a point coordinate value to test against.

If a visual object is found in the visual tree whose geometry contains the coordinate, it is set to the VisualHit property of a HitTestResult object. However, you may want to ignore certain branches of the visual tree that you are not interested in processing in your hit test results callback function.

Return New PointHitTestResult Me, pt End Function There may be times when you want to hit test against both the bounding rectangle and the rendered content of a visual object.


Stop Using a Hit Test Filter Callback You can use an optional hit test filter to restrict the objects that are passed on to the hit test results.

This means that the hit test results callback function will not see these objects in its enumeration. The following code shows how to set up mouse event handlers for a UIElement object that is used to capture events used for hit testing.

In order to identify all visual objects, even those that may be partly or wholly obscured, use a hit test result callback.

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In many cases, the InputHitTest method provides the desired functionality for implementing hit testing of elements. If you have multiple objects you want to hit test, the visual object used as the starting point in the visual tree must be the common ancestor of all objects of interest.

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To implement a hit test filter, you define a hit test filter callback function and pass it as a parameter value when you call the HitTest method.

This applies when you need to ignore the UIElement hit testing policy, which takes into consideration such factors as whether an element is disabled or invisible. OnPrint is never called.