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Sincethe illustration work of Nagraj has been taken over by artist and writer Anupam Sinha.

A male tantrik media1first dating after divorce shape-shifting snake.

Known Relatives and Close Friends: He raised the baby, who become known as Nagraj. The king sought forgiveness from the Devta and pleaded with him to cure his wife, to which the Devta refused.

For the same reason, when adults die their bodies are destroyed by fire, because adults do have a social life and their body is likely to be misused. Nagpasha fell upon two bowls, one containing the highly toxic venom halahal,the greatest form of venom as believed by Hindus which destroyed his face and mixed with his blood, and the other containing Amrit, which made him immortal.

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A magician who uses hypnotism to enslave people. His plan failed as the queen soon got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who was named Visarpi.

Simultaneous effects of both made Nagpasha an immortal, venomous man. Don't get confused about why he was not cremated.

His blessings came true as the queen soon became pregnant and the whole kingdom rejoiced, except for Nagpasha. He attacked the secret area where the baby was kept and escaped with him, but fearing the wrath of the god, he decided not to kill the baby and instead placed him back into the same bushes in the river where he was found.

The King gave the news to the queen and they decided to adopt the child, since they had no child of their own.

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He told them the location of the baby and asked them to cure him. Nagpasha's guru, a man good with science but evil on intentions who wishes to rule the world though Nagpasha. Many years passed and the treatment started showing results and, although still in the suspended animation, the color of the baby had gradually changed to green.

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The birth of this child meant the loss of the throne for him, so he decided to kill the child before he was born. Vishandhar never knew that the baby that he left astray was cured enough to regain his senses.

When the child was born, everyone believed him dead because his whole body was blue and showed no signs of life. Since then, Nagraj has thrice toured the world and defeated many villains and terrorists. Not able to withstand a devotee's death, Deva Kaljayi showed him a way to save the queen's life.

According to the rules, no one was permitted to bring an outsider to the island, so the king decided to keep his presence a secret. A famous enemy of Dev kaljai but also become enemy of Nagraj. Nagraj's immortal venomous uncle who murdered his parents.

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A terrorist and scientist who works for Nagpasha. Bharti's nanaji maternal grandfather who took over Bharti's brother Agraj's body and wants to rule the world.

Then the desperate king tried to commit suicide. His stories create a blend of mythology, fantasy, magic.

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A jealous, comparatively weaker copy of Nagraj made by Professor Nagmani. Despite the fact that comic culture had at one point almost vanished in India, his fan base continued to increase and today he is one of the most iconic characters of the Indian comic book industry. Nagpasha rejoiced and went, intoxicated, to Deva Kaljayi, the deity that also protected the grand royal treasure in form of a giant two-headed snake, and asked him to hand over the royal treasures, telling him that now he was the sole heir to the throne, so the treasure rightfully belonged to him.

Knowing that he was the potential heir to the throne. Created in the late s by Sanjay Gupta, Nagraj has changed a lot in his 25 years in print, both in terms of looks as well as powers and abilities. Meanwhile, the snake deity Deva Kaljayi appeared in the dreams of King Maniraj and his wife Queen Manika, rulers of ageless Ichchhadhaari naags, living secretly on an invisible island in the Indian Ocean called Nagdweep.

Gorakhnath operated and removed the capsule from Nagraj's head, setting Nagraj free of Professor Nagmani's control. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Yogi of high calibre can leave their body in form of soul and as a soul can perform tasks like switching between bodies or travel between different worlds.

Deva Kaljayi also knew of their grievances, so one day he blessed them to have a great child.

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Nagraj was originally conceived as an enemy of international terrorism. The debut issue of Nagraj was written by renowned writer Parshuram Sharma and illustrated by Pratap Mullick.

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Nagraj is believed to have inspired by the mythological Ichchhadhari Nag. For unknown reasons, the priest narrated a fake story that the child belonged to a woman, who was a devotee of the Snake God, that had been raped. Nagraj, along with his deeds, has earned a large amount of friends, many of whom appeared just once, but some that appeared more often, and still fewer that became permanent figures in Nagraj's stories.

Raj Comics publishes in multiple formats, which include e-book, print, the company also sells hardcovers of their old and new comics, as well as bundled collections of their characters.

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Many of Nagraj's fans believe that, over time, Nagraj's comics have developed a Snake Mythology of its own, which is unique to the popular Indian beliefs about snakes that are prevalent among the masses. His stories create a rich blend of mythology, fantasy, magic, and science fiction.

Nagraj succeeded in his task, but upon confrontation with Gorakhnath and his mystic Black Mongoose shikangi, was defeated. His blessings came true as the queen became pregnant and the whole kingdom rejoiced.

At that time, Nagpasha could not tolerate the changes in his body and fainted. He gave a crystal to the king and told him to treat it with the queen's medicine. The company also publishes an online web series named Raj Rojana.

The child had extraordinary healing powers and was extremely venomous. As time passed, Queen Lalita started getting depressed for not having a child of her own, the king realised the cause of her depression and became upset as well.

Nagpasha was the younger identical brother of the King Takshakraj. A strange African human beast, characteristics match Rhino, Elephant and Turtle. The child, floating away on the river in his state of suspended animation, got stuck somewhere in bushes.

Nagpasha was overjoyed that he was now the sole heir to the throne.