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Now we make online dating fun and free just the way you envisioned it. Act two[ edit ] Clinia has sent for his lover, Antiphila, who has been in mourning for the old weaving-woman who brought her up.

Chremes is puzzled that Clinia does not respond by trying to extract expenses for the nuptials but then realises that it is he and not Menedemus that is the subject of Syrus' plot. Syrus agrees to help Chremes, but only because it dovetails with his own scheme directed against Chremes: The dating scene in Latin is fast heating up as more and more singles from Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and even Asia plunge into the world of online dating to find their Latino girl.

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Menedemus explains that he had reproached his son Clinia for his having a relationship with a penniless girl, and had held up his own youth as a soldier as a virtuous contrast.

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He is in despair as he only has sufficient money to keep up his family for ten days. When Menedemus exits, Chremes is surprised to find Clitipho embracing Bacchis, and tells him off. In the last lines of the play, Clitipho begs Chremes to reward Syrus for everything he has done for them.

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Syrus tells Chremes that Antiphila had been pawned to Bacchis by the old weaverress, and Bacchis now wants to sell her, mobile dating apps proximity he advises Chremes to tell Menedemus to buy Antiphila as she is a good bargain: Prologue[ edit ] The prologue serves to defend Terence's method of playwriting.

Syrus needs money because he had promised Bacchis money for her part in the deception. Menedemus is dismayed and agrees to pretend to believe his son's plan while Chremes engineers a plot to entrap him.

Act three[ edit ] Chremes informs Menedemus that his son is returned, but believing that Bacchis is Clinia's mistress, he warns Menedemus against welcoming him home, explaining that Clinia is now in love with a spendthrift mistress.

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Menedemus upbraids Chremes for treating his son too harshly and Chremes relents, but on the condition that Clitipho give up Bacchis and take a different wife. Sign up for Latino dating with EliteSingles and meet someone who truly gets you! Clitipho tells Chremes not to tell Menedemus, as Clinia is still afraid of his father's wrath.

Syrus then tells Bacchis, who is threatening to expose him, to go to Menedemus' house where she will get paid. Your fantasy girl is just a click away. At Latino Dating, we're so much fun! Syrus advises Chremes that he should go along with this 'trick' and offer to give Clinia dowry money, as well as giving Clitipho money to give to Bacchis to pay off her pledge.

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Adelphoe - Heautontimorumenos by Terence

Menedemus repeats the advice that Chremes gave to him at the start of the play: Although Chremes approves of the match now between Clinia and Antiphila, because of his financial woe the dowry he can offer is too small. He asks Menedemus to help save his son by pretending that he, Chremes, is giving away all his estate to make a sufficient dowry.

We also make it easy for you to incorporate dating into your everyday life. Did I mention that they are exotic and the hottest women on the planet? Our system makes partner suggestions based on three key compatibility factors: Act four[ edit ] Sostrata, Chremes' wife, has discovered, by way of a ring that Antiphila has given to her for safekeeping while she bathes, that Antiphila is her long-lost daughter whom she had given away to be exposed on Chremes' direction.

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But Syrus says that while Clinia may tell his father the truth, he must keep up the pretense to Chremes for a while longer because Clitipho will be in trouble if Chremes discovers that Bacchis is Clitipho's mistress.

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Clinia, shamed, has taken Menedemus more literally than he intended and has gone to live as a soldier in the East. They meet Clinia and the young lovers are overcome with joy at the reunion. Its your Turn to Meet Someone Amazing All you have to do is sign up to experience online dating success.

Syrus then tells Chremes the truth as if it is a trick: Our local and international singles alike enjoy our uncompromised dedication and unlimited access to thousands of other single girls profiles from across the globe.

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Are you a passionate Latino girl looking for successful, athletic, good looking guy to spice up your love life with all the good things? Meanwhile, Menedemus has been reunited with Clinia, but he then encounters Chremes who tells him that his son is deceiving him with a false declaration that he wishes to marry Antiphila so that he can extract more money for his mistress Bacchis.

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Looking for a Latino girl for casual dating, fun or hit the beach with? Chremes agrees for the moment but adds that a father's duty is to be severe. Clitipho, preferring a full stomach to passion, agrees to marry a respectable girl.

Clitipho is distraught when he hears this news, but his father tells him he would rather have his estate be thus disposed of than go to Bacchis by way of his heir. Syrus realizes that his deception may thus be found out and he may lose the chance to pay off Bacchis, and may be punished.