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He tried to spread a rumour that Ingham was covered in tattoos, and that he was an escaped convict. His early letters also show the anxious time he was having, trying to establish a firm demand for his wine in the USA. The central part of the Villa was built between and for signor Spano, the Bishop of Mazara.

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Both Barstow and his wife were pupils at Ossett Grammar School and their two children Neil and Gillian also attended the same school, by then a Comprehensive. Not all of Ingham's investments were in America.

Building Ingham's Fortune Ingham invested heavily in the USA, largely because he had a lot of capital as a result of selling significant quantities of marsala wine and other commodities like sulphur. Lee-Brown took his dismissal badly.

The Heavy Woollen District has its own cricket association and its own cricket team. ByBritish troops in Sicily numbered some 17, However, by far the most interesting of the two Ossett-born Benjamin Inghams is the younger Inghamthe great-nephew of the earlier Benjamin Inghambut who is hardly known outside of Sicily, where he moved to live and work in Emily since the death of her stepfather was also now the owner of 'Baglio Wood' in Marsala and Palazzo Derix in Palermo.

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Cussons — who was apprenticed in Ossett, went on to manufacture the famous Cussons Imperial Leather soap.

His features were regular, his mouth and jaw firm, his eyes and hair dark. By now Barstow really had burst on to the British literary scene big time. It was whilst Barstow was working at Charles Roberts and Co.

The real breakthrough came when the couple were on holiday and he bought a book of pre-war short stories by the author H.

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My uncle, I believe, is determined not to let me go till April, which is the more provoking as in the course of a short time, we shall absolutely have nothing in the world in the way of business to prevent my going, but as the Sicilians say - pazienza - which you will not be at any great loss to guess, means in English, patience.

Joseph and Sophia Whitaker, whose children were the most likely heirs were especially wary of her. Stan Barstow said he left Ossett Grammar School because he had nothing to offer the school and the school had nothing to offer him.

In the s, Ingham and the Duchess moved to a pleasant eighteenth century villa in the Piano Sant'Oliva overlooking what is now known as the Piazza Castelnuovo, then just outside the city walls of Palermo.

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Sadly, there were no children from his marriage to Emily Hinton and after his uncle's death inBen was left the Palazzo Ingham in Palermo as well as a life interest in half of his uncle Benjamin's estate. To make matters worse, Joshua Ingham died intestate.

The 'Nestor' arrived here on the 31st May. One June evening that year at a 'flambeaux' procession along the marina in Palermo, Ingham was instantly captivated by the sight of Esther Maria Estina Fagan, the beautiful 16 year-old daughter of Robert Fagan and his attractive Italian wife Anna Maria, who had died in Now all the other buyers will be displeased.

They provide an amazing insight into his life, the turbulent history of Sicily and the way that Ingham expanded his extensive business empire.

Any prejudice the Italians had against the resident English merchants as a result of the sulphur dispute was shelved for the time being.

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Ossett Trinity, the local rugby league club, resigned from the Rugby League Conference in Residents of Ossett are eligible to play for the Heavy Woollen District team. Photo courtesy of Tom Linnington.

Palermo 24th and 31st January My dearest Ellen, We have been rather gay this week for us. And when I shall be able to join her, I do not know. In the event, the donation helped with the construction of Holy Trinity Church in Ossett, which was completed in Later in life, he became slightly bald and sported a flap of hair over the top of his head.

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From these places, the products of the British colonies as well as those from British industry were smuggled into the blockaded ports along the coast of the Mediterranean. Ingham actually purchased 'Racalia' for his wife, the Duchessa di Santa Rosalia, who had taken an immediate dislike to Stephens and the 'baglio'.

However, he died suddenly in Paris inbefore the work on the church started, but his widow Emily Ingham continued the good work and later, inthe foundations were laid and building commenced.