Halo 3 Remastered Won't Happen Says Community Manager Halo 3 Remastered Won't Happen Says Community Manager

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I don't want to pay for everything again, I don't want tampering anymore with games that I love, and it's not needed and a waste of time. Art style, mechanics, sounds, etc and just small tampering of some of the games general feeling.

Halo 3: ODST joins The Master Chief Collection this Friday - VG

I psychologische tricks beim flirten auf the franchise used to be way more light-hearted with passionate followers. Don't get me wrong, seeing Halo 3 with some shiny new effects, 4k textures, and other visual enhancement would be cool to see.

Do you want Halo Remastered? Does that make sense to anyone? That was looking like an increasingly shaky proposition until some delightful doofus put up a listing for the DLC on the Xbox Store, along with a release date of 29th May i.

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That may be nitpicking, but that's just one thing out of many things that I just shake my head and wonder who was making decisions in the studio during that time.

The official Halo Twitter account has issued an apology for the ODST remaster listing, saying that it was an erroneous placeholder that was put out too soon. I'm curious what some of you guys or gals think.

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Now we just need Reach, eh? The Master Chief Collection before 19th December last year, should be out this month. Just changing gun sounds kind of ruined the experience for the older games.

There's been no word as yet on the remake of Halo 2's Relic multiplayer map that seemed to be coming alongside ODST, although - and I am possibly showing my limited understanding of development here - I'm guessing remastering an entire game's worth of content would be a more intensive process than a single island with a big tower in the middle.

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I would much more prefer them finish fixing MCC with the coming updates, regrow the community population since it's dismally low. If works on a remaster just because people "demand it", I think it would be a pointless project and a huge waste of their time. For example, in Halo CE multiplayer every gun has an original sound, except the sniper I won't say the community is dead, but most people have left to do other things, and those of us who stayed are definitely salty people like me who don't trust anything from at this point.

It would be like buying the game 3 times.

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After MCC, has left a foul taste in my mouth with many of their decisions. The First reason is pretty basic, and I don't need to explain everything about this.

Halo 3: ODST Remastered Release Date Listed - GameSpot

Tell me why or why not. Anyways those are just my thoughts. More than it needs to be. ODST remaster, soon to be available for free to anyone who played Halo: ONI's been spreading misinformation again. Unless the add-on comes within a few days, it looks as though 's hopes for a May release weren't quite met: I simply don't think the community should accept paying full price or anything at all for a remaster.

Remastered 1080p/60fps campaign coming to Xbox One in spring.

MrSwier Recruit - Onyx I've seen a lot of people not all ask for Halo 3 to be remade, and quite honestly I don't understand why. Well, Industries did say that the Halo 3: The listing's since been removed - I'm guessing it was meant to be a drop shock of its own - but it seems more than likely we'll be playing Bungie's non-Spartan side-project come the weekend.

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The add-on appears to be 8.