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If you can't trust your own judgment of sound and need to rely on the label, then you can get stuck with a clunker even from the best of makers. Answering that question isn't just a matter of judgment.

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Should I go to Paracho, Mexico t If it were, Castillo would be as good a candidate as any -- that also depends on a number of unknowable factors like his future family tradition and which famous players adopt him and have the courage to depart from the well-worn path to Conde's door.

He told me, 'Benito, with flamenco guitars the strings have to be very close to the soundboard so that the sound of the strings blends with the sound of the wood, like a drum, very dry, very dry, like a flamenco dancer, very harsh. As Tom Nunez is fond of saying, a good guitar is indian dating statistics college good guitar, no matter who made it.

He learned the finer points of instrument-making from his brother, Miguel, who is an expert violin bow craftsman. That's not to say their quality has dropped the way Ramirez has ; rather, their price is inflated beyond their excellent quality.

On the plus side, he is an honorable man and would replace it.

In my opinion, Condes, although still excellent guitars. That doesn't mean you have to or even should when I claim my Castillo is the equal of the Conde, and better than the rest.

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There is only a handfull of luthiers there that make top-tier guitars. I have played and compared them directly next to in the same room at the same time, the only way to compare a 72 Ramirez, an 83 Conde, a 67 Manuel de la Chica Garcia a Ricardo and a Vicente Sanchis, two Bellidos father and son a Pedregosa, a Burguet, several concert-grade Navarros, and too many factory guitars to name.

And with a classical guitar, the strings have to be very separated from the soundboard, so it will sound very clear, very sustained. Description Benito Huipe, is one of a handful of craftsmen in Mexico who make fine guitars by hand. Commission guitars are normally sold and out the door before a walk-in customer even gets a look.

Maybe then they will have something to show you. His first job was in the workshop of his father's friend, Luis Vargas, where he began by putting strings and tuning pegs on guitars.

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Because of this I deal with him directly, sending personal checks both times I am now ordering a 3rd guitarnot bothering with the more expensive wire transfer option.

Miguel went to a school in Mexico City where he learned the basics of instrument craftsmanship. Of the two that I got from Salvador, one had a badly damaged case -- something actually penetrated the lower bout of the case but miraculously didn't touch the guitar.

He took the instruments he made there to restaurants that featured flamenco music to display his wares to guitarists and eventually attracted several faithful customer Founded. I've listened to and played a LOT of guitars over the years lived in Spain across from Bellido's shop and worked at the Smithsonian in musical instrument repair so I trust my judgment.

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Does Salvador speak any English? I'd like to get it next to a Gerundino. Add information About Benito Huipe, is one of a handful of craftsmen in Mexico who make fine guitars by hand.

So if you do go, the best thing is to write ahead so they KNOW you are coming. So they are the ones you will want to visit.

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If you buy a high-end name brand guitar you WILL pay extra for the label -- no question. Likewise, if you CAN trust your own judgment, there are a lot of top luthiers out there with great undervalued guitars on their shelves.

His work has attracted the attention of numerous concert artists and flamenco guitarists throughout the world who now play his guitars. When he repaired a guitar, he would study its construction closely. After five years of repairing other people's guitars, he struck out on his own, setting up a workshop in his garage.

When he arrived in the United States more than 20 years ago, he got a job at the Valdez Guitar Shop in West Hollywood, where he repaired guitars built by some of the best craftspeople in the world.

Guitarras Benito Huipe - Paracho de Verduzco, Mexico

But there are many equally good but undervalued guitars out there. He then passed on his knowledge to his brother, Benito.

This is down to Salvador's packing.