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Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse has even created his own interpretation of Grey Goose, a flavour-led vodka gastronomique designed to be served as an aperitif. I have even made a cocktail that tasted and looked like wine by using the quality of Wintersportartikelen online dating Goose to really elevate the experience and final outcome.

About The Grey Goose Le Citron Asian Mary Cocktail

Other popular ways to serve Grey Goose are in a Bloody Mary, mixed with coffee liqueur to make a Black Russian or, as many people do, simply neat over ice. It's not about quantity but quality. Made from the same winter wheat that goes into a crumbly croissant, this is the vodka everyone wants to be seen with.

It's not cheap, but this is one of those cases where quality over quantity is applicable. But you too can get the uniquely looking VX bottle that's been modeled after XO Cognac decanters at liquor stores now.

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Grey Goose VX, which stands for vodka exceptionnelle, launched September 1, which means you can get your drink on today. This is what elevates the spirits quality and sets the taste profile of Grey Goose apart from other brands.

To start, I would like to emphasize on what vodka brought to the bartending world 20 years ago. The brand is also famed for its events that give consumers fun, unique experiences — often through the medium of ultra-trendy cocktails. This classic Grey Goose martini pairs perfectly with caviar, oysters, and many other light bites.

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You can shape vodka and combine it with all kinds of ingredients, as it's probably the most flexible spirit to play with. It gave us the opportunity to bring the kitchen behind the bar and experiment with flavor combinations that were more challenging with other spirits.

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As the city evolves, the cocktail industry is also growing. If you know someone who loves this vodka, why not get a bottle engraved to create an extra-special Grey Goose gift? The exercise is to consider the alcohol's strength and elevate the experience with cocktails that combine either similar flavors or play with the contrast of flavors.

The most tangible result of this is Grey Goose VX — vodka exceptionnel — which mixes its vodka with a little Cognac to create an innovative sipping drink.


The name Grey Goose comes from Germany, however: If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. A classic Grey Goose martini is always a great option to pair with a meal -- five-parts Grey Goose vodka stirred, not shaken, with one-part dry vermouth and orange bitters served with a zest of lemon.

Before Grey Goose came along, vodka was never regarded as a luxurious product, and certainly not fit to sit at the top table with whisky or Cognac.

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My favorite spots so far are the Regent Cocktail Club and the Broken Shaker, but I look forward to discovering more in the coming months. This is my choice cocktail to pair with fish, shellfish, salads, and Asian food. Only a limited supply will be produced each year, and the brand will be rolling out the spirit to nightclubs and venues throughout the city.

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What sets Grey Goose apart from other vodka brands? Grey Goose has a taste and a character of its own. A citizen of the world, as his tattoo states, Guillaume has lived abroad half his life. What are some things you think pair excellently with Grey Goose vodka and do you think that perception could be changed as far as pairing vodka with meals?

The result is a highly powerful spirit that can be sipped on its own, mixed into a cocktail, or paired with dinner.


It is so delicious and smooth. But a combination of big awards, high-profile adverts and a cool bottle design propelled it to star status, with numerous celebrities seen drinking or endorsing it.

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When pairing a meal with any spirit you must consider the five tastes sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Wanting to pay tribute to his region and its people, who embraced Grey Goose, Thibault uses Cognac made from grapes from the grand Champagne region the highest quality cru in southwest France to give Grey Goose a new dimension.

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You can even buy its branded silver goose stirrers if you really want to stay on message — beats a cocktail umbrella any day. With Grey Goose, the pairing possibilities are endless. Last but not least, use classic combination of flavors.