Who is Sandra Bullock dating? Sandra Bullock boyfriend, husband Who is Sandra Bullock dating? Sandra Bullock boyfriend, husband

George clooney and sandra bullock dating, sandra bullock’s blind item: george clooney convinced a guy to date her

And then I just send her a bottle of tequila.

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However, nothing at this time as been officially confirmed, but should this Hollywood hookup prove to be true many fans also believe that the two george clooney and sandra bullock dating be a perfect pair. Osage County, he told People magazine, 'I've known Sandy for - she doesn't want me to say - over 25 years.

An inside source reportedly reveals to IBT that Brad and Sandra are keeping things very quiet right now until they see how things are going to go between them, it is pretty early in the alleged relationship, so this would be a smart move for both celebs.

Don't the best relationships start as solid friendships? We'll just have to wait and see if our prediction comes true.

Dating History

Aside from spending time with old friends and his kids, Pitt reportedly developed an affinity for sculpture while working on a lineup of movies which he will either star in or produce, PEOPLE adds. You have to be able to laugh at the differences between the sexes, as well as yourself and each other.

The Oscar winner with her son Louis, aged three, on Halloween Advertisement Share or comment on this article: After Sandra Bullock said George Clooney wasn't her cup of tea, he joked that she really drunk dials him every night at 3 am Friends for 25 years: So watching how this year has gone for her - and she's had tough years before - has been great.

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If there is one thing that these actors have in common it's a vietdvdstore online dating of humor.

Sandra is lucky to be on George's good side. How many relationships take a digger, or never get off the ground because the timing was bad? Besides, according to the actress, each has enough "dirt" on the other to command a level of respect and understanding.


According to the publication, Pitt is savoring every moment of his single life and is not rushing to look for a new love.

Maybe tall blondes aren't George's thing, and he just hasn't realized it yet. Clooney is legendary for his pranks and practical jokes and Bullock has been cracking us up for years in her comedic roles.

What are your thoughts, do you believe Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock would make an awesome couple?

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock reportedly dating thanks to George Clooney

Click to read more and watch the video or. Now that Geoge is an old married man and soon to be father of twins with wife Amal he just wants to see all his pals as happy as he is. The same New Idea report was also the one to spill that "insiders confirm" Clooney built up the grounds for Pitt and Bullock to start dating.

If you like that kind of dashing, charming, smart, talented, successful kind of thing.

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It's possible that Bullock has had all the marriage fun she can take, and she and Clooney may be on the same page when it comes to not exchanging vows.

Obviously, Brad has pretty spectacular taste when it comes to beautiful Hollywood ladies, but, sadly for Brad Pitt, he has been labeled as a cheater, remember the whole Brad cheated on Jen while they were married with Angie scandal of the early 's?

Free sign up cp newsletter! Clooney and Sandra Bullock 's timing is perfect! But Louis does prefer a little man time in there,' he noted after revealing he's played basketball with the tot. So it is a safe bet that any woman who chooses to venture into a romantic relationship with Brad will probably tread lightly considering his past.

Bullock is not the only rumored woman in Brad Pitt's life since his split from Angie, he has also been rumored to have been dating actress Kate Hudson and as previously reported recently reached out to another of his exes, Jennifer Anistonwhom he has been having some pretty deep conversations and text chats with.

George Clooney Reveals Why He Won't Date Sandra Bullock

These two are going to be spending a lot of time together. But now they're finally free to take their chemistry to the next level," New Idea's unnamed source added. It's possible gorgeous brunettes, a bit closer to his age, are his thing.

It's just math at this point!

Sandra Bullock Reveals Why She's Never Dated George Clooney

Recently, they were in Venice, at Clooney's villa in Lake Como, while promoting their new film. So, by saying she "adores George" was she trying to dispel romance rumors?

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Is Brad Pitt rebound dating too soon? Clooney and Bullock were not the director's first choice for Gravity. Rumors are rife that Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock might be dating and that the budding relationship, if true, was nudged at by another big star and close friend to the two, George Clooney.