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They do their training at King Fitness in Miami Florida and is assisted by professional trainer Bahiem King, the owner of the facility.

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They claim that the only plastic surgery they have had is breast enlargement. They went to college together and now they work together as Medical technicians in the same clinic.

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Their ambitions for the future include building out their future dating double dose twins, acting, traveling and increasing their net worth.

Twins Michelle and Miriam Carolus are making it big with their curvy figures Michelle added: The popular sisters work hard for it. The double dose sisters are a perfect example of the extraordinary.

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They will perform hundreds in their main workout of the day - but will also stop and squat up to a times each hour over eight to nine hours - building up to a maximum of They work as medical technicians for a plastic surgeon in Miami Florida.

They were put in separate classes at school but reunited at college to study to become medical technicians. They squat up to times each in a single day.

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We are very strict about this. There online fallowing is also growing like wild fire o Instagram, they now have close tofollowers and you can expect that number to triple by the end of They even compare their calories when they are not together so that they can eat alike.

They eat the same type of food, exercise in the same manner and do almost everything like one another.

Style, makeup, Dress and hair style: Well, all their fans love it too!! The twins also eat a similar diet. Apart from following a grueling workout routine, they also eat a pre-defined diet. They are identical twins and their real names are Michelle and Miriam Carolus.

Diet Plan Double Dose Twins having a protein shake Maintaining the desirable measurements is not an easy feat. Being Closer The stunning sisters were always close to one another.

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They consistently work on their bodies by exercising, doing over squats per day. Though, they admit going under the knife to enhance their breasts, the shape of their derrieres is a result of their workout and diet efforts.

Double Dose Twins Workout Routine and Diet Plan - Healthy Celeb

The double dose twins do almost everything together. The twins are know to draw massive attention where ever they go, especially in the night clubs. The twins said their mother is not totally aware of what they do on Instagram. They got fame due to their derrieres that are about 4 feet round.

Looking at the before and after picture, it seems clear that they not done much is artificially altering their bodies.

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They both consider modeling to be a lot of fun, reports NY Post. Their hard work on looking great is paying off.

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The petite sisters will perform up to squats a day to keep their butts pert To maintain their identical measurements, they have enlisted the help of Bahiem King, 30, owner and founder of King Fitness, to create a tailored regime. We posted a picture and got a lot of attention from the first shoot we did.

Double Dose Twins👯 @doubledose_twins

But some do the most extraordinary things. They posted a picture, got loads of attention and then got some good modeling opportunities. Miriam, who like her sister measuressaid: After going through the workout routine and diet plan of the superb sisters, we would just like to say that they are a living proof of the fact that if you create a customized exercise regime, you would get great results too.

Double Dose Twins boxing workout The Perfect Mirror The amazing sisters compare their own progress and body shape by looking at each other.

Double Dose Twins👯 (@double_dose2) • Instagram photos and videos

Their diet plan consists of relying heavily on healthy foods such as salads, smoothies, fat burners and many protein shakes. Double Dose twins Workout Routine The duo works out by doing about 2, squats in a day.

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They wear about a size 9 US shoe. Feeling Great The Florida residents think that when they get naturally well-toned butts through exercises, it makes them feel great about themselves.

Additional Statistics and Summary. Michelle and Miriam make sure that they eat the same amount of calories each day The girls even live next-door to each other in Miami, Florida.