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I went back to your site again and see nowhere that it tells me I'm signing up for more crap I don't want. First I choose the payment plan, and was charged the full amount at the end of the transaction.

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Man looking for man in islamabad 04 Oct. The instructor basically does the same move repeatedly for ten minutes barely speeding up and then boom, it's over.

I ordered this well in advance and have nothing to show for it. If you do not return the dvds you purchased from them within 30 days, you automatically enroll in a membership where they will keep charging you until you're ready to explode. I was told 7 to 10 business days.

On their website there is no negative reviews, and their membership is listed in the finest of the print. I Jane due to the disappointment of the first one. I did not even bother to put in G.

Flirty Girl Fitness

Never received a tracking number or the part. You have a malfunctioning and deceptive website that does not clearly state what you are purchasing and does charge you the correct amount.

Was told that the correct part would ship the next day and that I would receive a tracking number the next day. Then when I received my product, the tape was not secure and the pole extension with the notches was missing. Upon my purchase of their "excellent deal, 2 for 9.

In the coming months, Flirty Girl plans to host upscale after-work functions, including charity and networking events with groups such as Chicago Sport and Social Club and the Junior League of Chicago.

Broken English is very hard to stay calm with when you are trying to get some valuable answers. They told me if I did not cancel my membership with their company 30 days upon receiving their gas card, I would be charged an additional 25 dollars to keep receiving their products.

I never got the gas card in the mall nor the coupon booklet. Yes 0 No 4 Report.

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I just want my pole! Smith has argued that the two businesses are completely different, and Flirty Girl has agreed to a limit of three events a month that would extend past midnight on weekends, and 10 p.

Not worth your time, not worth your anger. Seeing a pattern here? Come to find out it was Flirt Girl who had charged me, not their allied company.

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I called for a replacement. I have two disputes against the company pending and I will end up getting a new card sent to me regardless so this company will leave me alone. Called back two weeks later. To top it all off.

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Proponents of Flirty Girl, including the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, have argued that the business has a proven track record with police and nearby restaurants at the West Loop location, W.

I called back two weeks later and was told that it had shipped but could not be given a tracking number. This was supposed to be a birthday present for my husband's birthday on September 1st birthday. The fitness studio, which features a bar in the main lobby area and doubles as an event space, is known for its stripper pole-based workouts and has been fighting for the license since opening at N.

I was conveniently told AGAIN that he item had shipped just the day before and that I couldn't get a tracking number because it hadn't processed.

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I Jane just to warm up before more intense work outs, hoping to get a little brisk work out. And you have a customer service department that is trained to lie and always say that the part was shipped the day before so that they conveniently don't have to give you a tracking number.

So, my bank advised me to call their customer support and see if they would refund my money and apologize for the mix up. Review is a subjective opinion of poster Post comment Helpful? I could have chosen to purchase a pole from several different reputable websites, but I choose yours.

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May 22, 0 comments I am already in decent shape, I had bought Booty beat and G. The first type of event neighbors fought to prevent on Thursday night is billed as Chicago's hottest singles party, and although the business just received the liquor license Friday, the coed party was selling tickets weeks in advance.

On top of that, it was not the correct part anyway.