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Similar to leather Rainbow Sandalshemp sandals are available in both single layer and double layer styles, depending on an individual's desired support level.

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While more costly than the average sandalsRainbow Sandals are manufactured with longevity in mind. Rubber Rainbow Sandals Rubber Rainbow Sandals are made with rubber soles and nylon, polyester, canvas, or suede straps, which makes them better suited for water activities.

Additionally, Rainbow Sandals uses patented, environmentally friendly glue that is applied three times between each layer of the sandal.

The Complete Guide to Rainbow Sandals

Both men's and women's leather sandals also come with the option of classic leather or premier leather. Consumers should educate themselves on the product, including how Rainbow Sandals are produced and the options available by material, as well as how to properly fit these sandals.

The Construction of the Rainbow Sandal Regardless of what style of Rainbow Sandals a consumer is interested in purchasing, all Rainbow Sandals are built using the same common methods to ensure long-lasting durability.

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Hemp Rainbow Sandals also come with added arch support and are available in black, brown, and natural colors for men and women. Rubber Rainbow Sandals are also available for both men and women in single and double layer options, as well as a molded rubber option.

This variation provides for a range of prices that makes these sandals affordable on any budget. Properly Fitting Rainbow Sandals Rainbow Sandals does not market their sandals according to common sizing practices.

Hemp Rainbow Sandals Rainbow Sandals also produces sandals for both men and women made of percent natural hemp fibers.

As such, it is important to understand how to convert a common shoe size to a Rainbow Sandals size. While some of these styles overlap, some are unique to one gender.

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Types of Rainbow Sandals Rainbow Sandals makes a variety of sandals from different materials for both women and men. Further, all Rainbow Sandals have a non-slip bottom using specifically formulated rubber.

Additionally, Rainbow Sandals offers their Single Layer Hemp sandals with a nylon strap, which comes in a total of three fish pattern options.

The Construction of the Rainbow Sandal

Rainbow Sandals were originally marketed as unisex sandals but Rainbow now produces sandals marketed toward both women and men individually, in a variety of materials.

Leather Rainbow Sandals Some of Rainbow Sandals most popular sandals for both men and women are their leather single and double layer leather sandals. Each available style for men and women differs primarily based on the strap material.

As the names suggest, single layer leather sandals provide one layer of support, while double layer sandals provide two layers of support.


Further, Rainbow Sandals also offers these leather sandals with the option of added arch support, along with a woven or tumbled strap option for men and a braided variety for women. The premier leather sandal is made with top grade nubuck leather, while the standard leather sandal is made with lower quality top grade leather.

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All Rainbow Sandals straps also come together with a nylon X parachute stitch box. Bonded nylon thread comprises all stitching in Rainbow Sandals. Rainbow Sandals also emphasizes consumer comfort using closed cell memory foam that molds to an individual's foot over time with hand sanded arches.